Heartwarming / Igor

  • Eva giving gifts to Igor, Brain and Scamper, Brain gets a label for his jar with his name spelled right, Igor gets a beret and Scamper gets a tree that lives forever so he won't be lonely if something happens to them.
    • Scamper is clearly moved by this.
  • Scamper and Brain helping Eva with make-up when she asks them if she's pretty.
    • More heartwarming since before meeting her Scamper would be the type to just insult her.
  • Brain and Scamper deciding to save Igor after he was thrown in the recycling bin
    Brain: I'm gonna go save him
    Scamper: Wait,
    Brain: Look, maybe I'm not a genius, okay, but I know one thing; I have to try.
    Scamper: No, I was going to say, wait, I am coming with you.