Funny / House of the Dead

The games

The House of the Dead 2

  • HOTD 2's voice-acting in general. It clearly falls in the So Bad, It's Good category, and can really turn what is suppose to be a serious story into pure comedy. Observe.
  • In the fifth chapter, a few zombies chase after the players in a car. The driver, also a zombie, just stares at the player menacingly.

The House of the Dead III

  • In one of the game's Multiple Endings, Lisa and G's van suddenly drives off and Lisa thinks her dad left her. Lisa turns around and sees Rogan and Daniel, then realizes that her car was just stolen by a zombie. Lisa then chases after the zombie and says, "Hey, that's my car, you slimy bastards! Say Your Prayers!"

The House of the Dead 4

  • Most of the lines spoken immediately after defeating a boss comes off as totally hammy.. Examples include:
    • "You're paying for my dry cleaning after this is over." -Kate to james after Justice is defeated.
    • "This is straight out of an action movie I saw," Kate says as the duo jump from one elevator to another right before the Lovers boss battle. After the battle? James nonchalantly says, "I kind of like being an action hero." Cue a facepalm and a groan from Kate.
    • "Temper this, buddy!" and "How do you like my all-lead, no fat diet?" are the lines James and Kate throw at the obese Temperance. Also serves as Mood Whiplash, considering what comes afterwards.
  • The fact that Temperance, who flinches at best from being shot, is defeated by dropping a giant clock on its head.
  • Certain lines in the midst of gameplay can have their own charm too.
    • "Ugh, I'm tired of getting WET!" -Kate, when taking the left path in Chapter 2.
    • "We're going to walk, on the PIPES?!?"- Kate after just telling you she's afraid of heights and wondering if zombies are afraid of heights then choosing the right path in Chapter 2.
    • "H-Hey, I'm not into that." G shaking off a zombie in The House of the Dead 4 Special.
  • The room in DBR HQ that's decorated with Japanese decor for absolutely no reason.
    Kate: I think he needs to hire a new decorator.

Typing of the Dead

  • The entire game is one big Funny Moment, especially due to some of the weird phrases you have to type, or getting a word or phrase that's perfect for the situation (like a zombie jumping out of nowhere and forcing you to type "Boo!")
    • The Tower in Mission 3 gives the player questions, and then asks them to type the right answer. One of the possible answers to "Which of these is bigger than a bread box?" is "Yeast infection."
  • The question-and-answer format of the Tower? It's reused again for the final phase of The Emperor. This time, all three possible answers to each question are "correct" (however, they influence which ending you get). The answers range from semi-serious to outright silly. Some of the example questions are:
    • "What does Valentine's Day mean to you?"
      1. A romantic evening with your true love
      2. Torment if you are single
      3. Mind your own business
    • "Things you love to hate:"
      1. Models your lover thinks are cute
      2. Athletes who are stronger than you
      3. The Emperor Boss in this game
    • "Ways to prove you like her friends?
      1. Write thank-you notes after every visit
      2. Fix them an elaborate dinner
      3. Hit on them shamelessly
  • The game's endings. Take your pick between:
    • Goldman jumping off the building like in the original HotD 2, followed by an explosion and James's Stunned Silence.
    • Goldman bungee-jumping off the building, bouncing back up, and then burping.
    • Goldman letting it rip and then taking off into the sky, again with James's speechless reaction.
  • The credits sequence, which replaces the ending theme with one of the stage themes and shows a row of glass tubes. Typing the staff names out causes one of the zombies to break out of their tube and start dancing. By the end, the entire row is dancing.
  • Whenever you see a character in the game running around with keyboards strapped around their neck. It's especially absurd since they're killing zombies with them (somehow).
    • Not to mention the characters are wearing giant Dreamcasts on their back, powered by a giant battery.

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

  • So you finally get to one of the first "boss" minigames, and it looks a lot like the battle with Justice from 4...but then Justice tells you that its teeth hurt. Your objective? Shoot its bad teeth out.