Funny / House of 1000 Corpses

  • The DVD menus are an absolute riot, despite being a huge Mood Whiplash for the whole film. For starters, the main menu has Captain Spaulding in full clown gear greeting the audience and getting progressively more pissed off at the lack of response.
    • One page of the chapter menu has Otis regaling us with a story of how Tiny decided to one day "become a man" and lost his virginity... to a stump.
  • After the robbers burst into Captain Spaulding's store, he immediately raises his hands in mock surrender, giving the finger with each.
    • And then there's this exchange:
    Robber: I'm gonna count to ten, and you're gonna hand over all the cash! Or I'm gonna splatter your greasepaint mug across the state line! One!
    Spaulding: Fuck yo mama.
    Robber: Two!
    Spaulding: Fuck yo sister!
    Robber: Three!
    Spaulding: Fuck yo grandma!
  • When Bill tries to probe the Fireflies for more information on Dr. Satan, Grandpa Hugo becomes annoyed.
    Grandpa Hugo: What are you, Jimmy Olson, cub reporter for the Daily Asshole?
  • The sheer disgust in Bill's voice when he says "Oh my god," as he watches Mother Firefly kiss a fetus in a jar.
  • The fact that, instead of torturing Denise like his family expected him to, Tiny decides to sit down in front of the TV and eat a bowl of cereal. He even waves to her when she tries to leave. Making the whole thing funnier is when Otis bursts into the room and tosses Denise into a cage. When he glares over at Tiny accusing him for her escape, Tiny merely shrugs.
  • When Wydell rings Captain Spaulding's bell, Spaulding responds with a string of curses and threats, before immediately backtracking upon seeing them. Even funnier is the fact that he's wearing a shirt that says "Pigs is beautiful", featuring a pig in a sheriff's hat.