Funny / Hot Tub Time Machine

  • The whole dialogue exchange regarding the mysterious Cincinnati Incident:
    Lou: Hey man, can I ask you a question? Does this seem like it's all about Adam again?
    Nick: Yeah, just like Cincinnati.
    Adam: You're gonna bring that up?
    Lou: *suddenly dead serious* We said we weren't going to talk about Cincinnati, ever. Okay?
    Jacob: Is this why you have a shoebox in your closet that says "Cincinnati"?
    Adam: Yeah.
    Lou: What?! That shit's admissible!
    Nick: You keep it in the closet?!
    Adam: What else am I gonna fucking do with it? You can't bury those things!
    Nick: You wrote "Cincinnati" on it?!
    Adam: How do I know which one it's supposed to be?
    Jacob: ...Is it a fetus?
  • Two words: Mötley Lüe.
  • The Bear Guy.