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Funny: H'el on Earth
  • Superman #14:
    • Superman (as Clark Kent) and Lois Lane are having an argument over him quitting his job when romantic jealousy crops up. Right when Lois is pressuring Clark to tell her who he's dating, Supergirl walks in wishing to speak to him. Lois mistakes her for a comely cosplayer that Clark's going to interview. Afraid his secret identity's about to be blown, he rushes Lois out and yanks Supergirl in.
    Lois: Oh my God, too funny. All this "I have to quit for truth, justice, and the American Way?"... and here he is posting human interest stories. I give it a week.
    • H'el threatens to snap Superboy's neck, thinking it will earn Superman's trust. Instead of showing Superman's reaction, the story cuts to a car dealership, where a man just bought his teenage daughter her first car. Then H'el comes flying into the car, having been punched by Superman for trying to harm Superboy.
  • In Superman #15, Superboy is so impressed by Superman's actions, he offers to call up his friends, the Teen Titans to help take on H'el. Superman declines and questions Superboy about his friends.
    Superman: So you're telling me you hang out with a bunch of unsupervised superhumans?
    Superboy: Um, well... when you put it that way...
    Superman: What other way is there to put it? When this is all over, you and I are going to have a long talk about these "Teen Titans".
  • In Superboy Annual #1, Superman and Superboy are sucked into a pocket dimension. Superboy senses the place is alive and communicates with it. The dimension turns out to be feminine, so Superboy has to sweet-talk to get it to help them; calling the dimension affectionate names like "sweetheart", "baby", and "girl".
    Superman: I don't lecture... do I?
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