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Awesome: H'el on Earth
  • In Superboy #17, H'el rips off the battle-suit that was keeping Superboy's DNA from falling apart and leaves him for dead. While he's laying there dying in the snow, Superboy musters up the willpower to keep himself together using his telekinesis. Even though he can barely move, he's determined to finish this battle.
  • In Supergirl #17, H'el has Superman on the ropes. He gives him a "Reason You Suck" Speech, which ends with him insulting his Earth parents. Superman becomes so angry, he gets back up and gives H'el a one-two punch that brings him to his knees.
    H'el: You've gone soft in Earth's atmosphere. Living by Earth rules. Raised by weak Earth parents...
    Superman: Don't... talk about... MY FAMILY! *punch*
  • Superman #17:
    • After Superman is punched into space by H'el, he flies back, tackles him out of the Star Chamber, and delivers punches so powerful, they can be felt from the very center of Earth to the farthest edges of the Atmosphere.
    • H'el is defeated when Supergirl feigns defeat and asks to accompany H'el in his ship. When she gets close, she stabs him through the chest with a kryptonite shard that fell out of the Star Chamber, heavily wounding H'el and nearly dying herself.
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