Funny / Handy Manny

  • Mainly, Pat when he answers a question.
    Pat: I'm a Hammer.
    • He is generally funny.
  • Turner at the end of "Cactus Manny" when he wore a cactus on his head.
    Turner: I just thought I'd try on this cactus hat.
    • Felipe can't believe Turner here.
  • Lily's facial expression when she met Turner in "The Tools' New Team".
  • Turner randomly falling asleep in "Rocking Chair" ( he stayed up all night reading a how to book). Flicker takes on the "quiet, he's sleeping" role. Even Turner dreams of something very obvious, a dream about a teddy bear or what refers to a "fuzzy bear".
  • Felipe's audition in "Handy Manny and the 7 Tools" his act took so long he bored everyone to sleep (except for Manny and Flicker who were struggling to stay awake).
  • In "Wedding Day" Rusty was the ring bear and couldn't talk due to the ring in his jaws. So Turner said he "understood" him even though he gave out incorrect translation to what Rusty said.
  • "Hank's Birthday" had a quite a bit of funny moments....
    • When Manny insisted making a for present for Hank. Lily goes into fangirl mode.
    Lily: Oh! (Jumps up in the air) Hank would love that. A new fishing rod! That's a great idea!
    Lefty: Come on, let's get to work!
    • Later in the episode. When the flight got delayed.
    Lefty: But we have no time to spare!
    • Zip stated he watched a movie on TV once and knew about the security system in the airport. He tells the other tools to try it out so they follow him and went through the x-ray scanner. Then came out. Pat thought it was fun and wanted to do it again.
    • The tools finally got to see a plane and were deciding where to sit at. Then Squeeze thought "the nose of the plane" literally meant "the nose of the plane".
    Squeeze: That's the nose? Wow! it must have a really big face!
    • Even Stretch and Junior compare the size of the plane to things their familiar with that they think is large.
    Junior: The plane is bigger than Gary's whole garage!
    Stretch: It's longer than our whole street!
    • Even when they get on the plane the way the tools get excited when they learn they each get a personal television on the plane. They do it in a hilarious way. Even when they show the passengers if you look at it carefully Lily and Junior are seen sleeping in their seats. How were they even able to sleep through that?