Tear Jerker / Handy Manny

There has been so many moments.
  • Felipe realizes no one needs his help in "Felipe's New Job". Felipe eventually tried to commit suicide.
    Felipe: I'll just find a nice quiet place to rust.
    • Also later in the episode:
    Felipe: Maybe Manny should just melt me down and use me for scrap metal.
    • Poor Felipe just didn't want to live anymore. He sadly cries as he tries to end to his life. That was until Manny found him and they needed his help.
  • The automotive was depressed when they can't celebrate Hank's Birthday. They light the candles on his cake. They claimed they've been like this all for the whole day. Lily even had an emotional breakdown.
  • During the Snow White play, Kelly (as Snow White) "ate" a poinsious apple and died then was revived by a "kiss" from Manny (as Prince Charming). Turner responded by crying and maybe cried the first time as all the tools worry about him.
  • Stretch in "Art Show" he sadly stood alone at some point because Beamer was taking over. So Manny came to comfort him.