Headscratchers / Handy Manny

  • Has Manny ever once paid for anything?
    • He always buys from Kelly. Maybe he's got a tab going.
      • He's physically paid for a couple of things, from Kelly and others. As far as Kelly goes, I believe he has a monthly tab with her; I believe one of the episodes has him paying it, though I may be thinking of something else.
  • On a related note, has he ever once been paid for his handyman-ing?
    • Probably off-screen. That way, the amount won't ever be dated. (Inflation Marches On?)
    • Or they pay him back with free stuff. I don't remember ever seeing him have to pay for stuff.
  • If Dusty's a female tool then why doesn't she have any eyelashes?
    • So there far have been three female tools: Lily, Squeeze, and Dusty. Notice that both Lily and Squeeze have eyelashes but Dusty doesn't. Why is that?
  • How was Turner able to dance as good as a choreographer and Dusty able to dance ballet well?
    • Turner danced three times through out the series (the two were physically him dancing while the third time was a photo from the past) Turner was so good it's like he got his training from a choreographer. Dusty danced ballet in the talent show episode even during the Halloween episode she was a ballerina.
  • If there has been a family of tools and twin brothers. Then how do the tools even have the baby tools?
    • There's Lily and Lefty then their son Junior. How do they even have them? Do they get pregnant then give birth like mammals? yes probably since they have human qualities.
  • Dusty is a saw, right. She was seen wearing clothes at times and how is she able to wear them without damaging them?
  • In "Paint Job" we were the tools in the water? Manny won't even allow them near the water because "they will rust".
  • Why was Lily preventing her own son from his job? Junior will not scratch his metal. Did Lily scratch her's in the past and she was afraid of it? Lily needs to stop with that nonsense.
  • Why is Junior talking like a pioneer child instead of using modern language?
    • Watch Handy Manny's School for Tools: The Right Wrench (Go to 1:10 and 2:15) notice Junior calls his mother "ma" instead of "mom", "mommy", etc. But if you read the "little house on the prairie" books yes Laura Ingalls calls her mother "ma" as well. And children in pioneer years (late 1800s and early 1900s) call their parents "ma" and "pa". Also pioneers from the southern states also use it. But it makes no since because his parents don't have southern accents (or himself) and Lefty said "why didn't you listen to your mother?" (if Lefty went with the "ma" bit it will make since). Why is Junior saying "ma" like a little pioneer boy? All need is for Junior to call Lefty (his father) "pa".
    • Um, what? I was born in 1997, lived in the Illinois suburbs almost my whole life, and I still call my mother "Ma". It's maybe not as common as "mom" or "mother", but people do still call their mothers Ma sometimes.