Heartwarming / Handy Manny

  • When Elliot released his rooster. Felipe responded by crying but can't because it will "make him rust".
  • Felipe needed to be rescued and Turner suddenly said "I got ya".
  • Leela had to give Turner back to Manny. And how Manny said that his tools will always be close to him. Even earlier in the episode Felipe cried and said "I always loved a happy ending" when Leela was playing with her father.
    Manny: Singh, but my tools always stay with me. They are very important to me.
  • In Uncle Manny when Turner started liking babies. Aww him and Chico sleeping together.
    Squeeze: He looks so sweet.
  • Turner crying after the death scene in the Snow White.
  • The Automotive team were depressed that they can't celebrate with Hank. They've been depressed for the whole day. He even lets them light the candles on his birthday cake.
    Lily: We won't be there... to light the candles... The candles on Hank's cake! (She cries like a baby)
  • "Breakfast for Champions" Felipe was undergoing fatigue from lack of food and nutrients. Turner felt really worried about him and stopped screwing the screws on the rock climbing board, looked at him feeling worried, and came to see if Felipe's okay with the others.
  • Dusty at the end of "Manny's Sick Day". She caught Manny's cold and got sick. Then in the ending shot Dusty is sleeping on Manny's chest and is tucked in with the blanket over her mouth and invisible nose. The tools back away as Felipe goes "shh". The credits used that shot before they used the ending animation.
  • In "Art Show" Beamer was so happy that he gets to be Carmella's tool. He even leaped into the palm of her hands and looked at her in an "I love you" expression. He wanted her to have him.
  • "Flicker speaks English" at the beginning of the episode they tried to take Flicker's picture. Flicker looked just sad and didn't want to smile. But when Manny showed him his smile by pointing to his mouth. Flicker turned that frown upside down. After the picture was took Manny looked at it happily.
  • The way Manny comforted Flicker in "Flicker joins the band". He picks up a sad and injured Flicker and who explains his inability to play an instrument. Poor Flicker
  • "The Tools New Team" Lily couldn't bear to see Hank retire so she says "goodbye", crying in the process. Yes. If looked at closely you can see some light blue spots at her eyes which are obviously tears.
  • The end of "The Great Garage Rescue" in the process of saving Reuben's garage, during the mayor's speech. We get scared tools, and Lily, Lefty, and Junior were scared to death, huddled together in Roland's drawers. They remain terrified like this through out the whole scene then at the very end they were happy.