Funny / Goldust

  • Within a year of his debut, he got the opportunity to feud with Ultimate Warrior. During a Raw promo, Warrior brushed off one of his classic, innuendo-laced come-ons by yelling "Whatever you're into, I don't give a shit!!!" Goldust responds with a gloriously effeminate hair flip.
  • The shoot promo in WCW where Dustin buries the Seven gimmick and fires off this wonderfully snarky line:
    Dustin: They got me dressed up like Uncle Fester, to play trick-or-treat all year long.
  • Any segment with Booker T and Goldust
  • This parody of his famous father, Dusty Rhodes, in particular when Goldust struts toward the camera in ladies' black lingerie while Dustin-as-Dusty says, "So PROUDA mah son! Comes straight from mah LOINS!"
  • At one point, he and Booker are confronted by Christian, who isn't too happy about losing the WWE World Tag Team Championship to them. It just happens to be Christmas, and Goldust-as-Santa gives Christian a gift... of ASS CREAM (With 35% more ASS!). A Brick Joke from something found in Christian's and Chris Jericho's bags a few weeks ago. And yes, the jar had a giant label simply reading "ASS CREAM". The kicker may be Christian's reaction, who yells at Goldust as he walks off. Then when he's gone, he looks at it with interest, and walks off with it.
  • His affectionate parody of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin on the June 24, 2002 Raw, where he invaded the NWO's lockerroom and called The Big Show "the giant sleeping Showpopotamus" and X-Pac (Sean Waltman) "the rare bandana-wearing grease rat."
    "But be very careful, they tend to SUCK!"
  • Whenever he performed CPR on Ahmed Johnson. Once after Ahmed Johnson suffered a concussion by Owen Hart, and the second time in the middle of a match.
  • Parodying Sable by dressing in drag, and having a "match" with Luna Vachon, where Luna kicked his ass and stripped him down to his undergarments.
  • Whether it was intentional or not, his match as Dustin Rhodes against Terry Funk at the WCW Pay-Per-View Uncensored 2000 was funny. Repeated interference by a guy dressed in a chicken suit (who may or may not have been Cody Rhodes), complete with chicken sound effects, and then Terry Funk unsuccessfully trying to change the match from a Bullrope match to an "I Quit" match, the match was a train wreck. But an entertaining train wreck.
  • His "Trading Places Match" with William Regal on the September 13, 2010 Raw, with Goldust dressed as Regal and Regal dressed as Goldust. Goldust was all for it. Regal was...significantly less enthusiastic. Probably the comedic highlight was when Goldust offered Regal his iconic long blond wig, and Regal hesitantly took it from him, holding it between two fingers like a dead rat.
  • Him and Cody mocking Fandango's entrance.
  • Are you mocking me? YES I AM!
  • Goldust talking about his brother Cody's transformation into Stardust. Cue Stardust dancing in singing "When You Wish Upon a Star." Goldust's response?
    Goldust: WOW! Now I'm the normal one!
  • His continual attempts at convincing R-Truth to be his tag-team partner need to be seen.