Funny / Eddie Guerrero

  • In WCW, Eddy and Chris Jericho were the two most hated heels in the cruiserweight division. They got booked in a singles match against each other. The crowd couldn't decide which one to route against, and settled on chanting "You both suck!" Funny enough on its own, but Guerrero and Jericho responded to the chant by falling to their knees, hugging each other and covering each other's ears.
  • Los Guerreros. Just in general, they were a riot.
    Eddie Guerrero: We lie, cheat & steal, but hey - at least we're honest about it.
  • During a friendly match against Rey Mysterio, Paul Heyman interrupts... only for the Undertaker to suddenly appear and corner all three men in the ring. Eddie and Rey quickly realize that this mess is not their problem, push Heyman into Taker for a Tombstone Piledriver and bail.
  • The time he gave The Big Show a tainted burrito, causing Big Show to have to flee the ring in the middle of a match to a bathroom.
  • His last match, he was in rare form, pulling his infamous "chair trick" on Mr. Anderson and getting him disqualified. The mischievous smirk he made to the camera when he noticed the ref was knocked out was hilarious and in hindsight bittersweet.
  • Pulling a Not My Driver on JBL.
    • "We're going for a ride! AND IT'S GONNA BE BETTER THAN DISNEYLAND, HOMES!"
  • There's his backstage promo with Booker T at Armageddon 2004 where they're talking about their Fatal Four Way match later that night, talking about teaming up against JBL (Who was champion at the time), then Eddie notes about the fourth man, The Undertaker, who Booker T assures won't be a problem, resulting in Eddie bragging about personally taking care of him, all while not noticing Taker is behind them listening and glaring daggers at Eddie who finally notices him, trying saving face like nothing happened as Taker just walks by him in silence, all while Booker watches.
    • What makes the moment even funnier, though in Undertaker's case, is that he's not normally known for interacting with others backstage unless he's stalking them, he just happened to have been walking by while Eddie was bragging.
  • His interactions with "his best friend" Batista. They played off each other brilliantly.
  • Swiping Ric Flair's number at the 2005 Royal Rumble. And his wallet!
    • Not to mention the Brick Joke during the actual match, where we end up finding out Eddie got the shaft at #1, while Flair got #30. Can't Get Away with Nuthin' indeed.
    • The fact that it was, at the time, GM Theodore Long who knew that Eddie stole the Wallet to begin with. Eddie stealing Flair's number was obvious, but had Teddy not pointed out the stolen wallet, Flair would have been none the wiser.
  • His final match against Mr. Kennedy has him pull a mischievous grin at the camera when he realizes that the ref and his opponent are down.
  • Even being dead won't stop Eddie from pulling a fast one. During the 2006 Royal Rumble (the first one after his untimely passing), Rey Mysterio told Vince McMahon that Eddie would have a hand in his number. Mysterio ended up drawing #2, and just looked up and laughed as if Eddie had just pranked him from beyond the grave.