Funny / Genius: The Transgression

  • The opening text for the Klagen, involving one trying to convince his colleague to not try to raise the dead, is darkly hilarious:
    "When I was in high school my teacher told me that there are more people alive today than have ever lived. Don't worry: she lied, then got cancer. (Not my fault.) We live atop a mountain of corpses. The Earth is swimming in humans, above and below the ground, so when I see you trying to raise the dead, I'm torn. On the one hand, I recognize your despair. On the other hand, do you really want to spend the rest of the week fending off a zombie apocalypse as the Earth vomits up her dead? AGAIN? Come on, man, think this through: every time you try this, we end up fighting zombies. I hate zombies. Just put the syringe down."
  • This pearl:
    "Behold my CRYOPIG!!!note 
    "It's a beautiful cryopig!"
  • The Staunen stereotypes about the other catalysts are pretty calm... except for the stereotype about Neids.
    "There is more to Heaven and Earth than your endless, insufferable whining. I have heard the song of the universe, and it's telling you to shut up."
  • Like most supernaturals, Geniuses have a list of laws they are supposed to follow and respect, each with its own name. The name for the law regarding their position toward Lemuria is hilariously concise and straightforward:
    "Fuck Lemuria."
  • The part of the book describing statistics the Inspired population mentions that Child Geniuses are actually fairly rare- though they usually are as annoying as everyone says.
  • A female Genius described in one of the book's text is mentioned to be such a Card-Carrying Villain she has an "atomic holocaust"-themed bathroom. Nuff says.
  • The entry for Time Travel opens with this:
    "... is almost always a bad idea."
    • And then another entry below, titled "Really stupid Time Travel", states that "messing with yourself from a previous time travel jaunt is about the stupidest thing you can do without a death ray and a bottle of tequila."