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Funny: New World of Darkness
  • In the campaign this troper is in, her team has just tried to contact the ghost of a old college friend (named Jacob) who died under strange circumstances through a seance and medium. Our Storyteller is a bit on the dramatic side. When we tried to get answers, this is what happened...

Us: "What's this whole "left to right" thing about?" (Arc Words of our game)
Jacob's Ghost : "Read your books left to right, except for manga."
(After this, one of us promptly got angry and threatened to punch the ghost in a very sensitive place.)

Us: "We know you want us to do something, but what is that something?"
Jacob's Ghost : "Eat tacos."

After asking about a guy who looked like him who appeared and died at his wake (which was held at a hotel) the ghost had this to say:
Jacob's Ghost : "It was my twin sister."
Us: "WTF?"

When we had one last question for Jacob's ghost before he dissapeared, we had this to ask:
Us: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"
Jacob's Ghost : "As many as it takes."

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