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Funny: Franken Fran
  • This page.
  • Chapter 5: The opening page shows a woman being attacked by a hideous monster. The next page... reveals that it's a movie Fran's watching, and her monstrous servants are terrified by it.
  • Chapter 7 opens on a high note, with a guy killing his girlfriend. Fran notices him, and what's her reaction ?
    "Ah, Sorry about that, I hope I didn't get in your way. Feel free to continue. Have a good night."
  • Chapter 9: S(c)ience Blood, evidently the Mad Scientist hobbyist's magazine.
  • In chapter 10, Okita and Adorea, the latter of whom is scared of cockroaches, go to see Fran because Adorea isn't feeling too well. As soon as they enter the room, they see a ton of cockroaches. Cue collective screaming and Adorea throbbing on the floor in fear.
  • Chapter 11: The director of a hospital refuses to let Fran operate on the little girl's brother, on the grounds that she has turned humans into unimaginable things, and had her hand in the politics, the arts, and criminal matters. He learned all that from a book, the first volume of the manga, to be exact.
  • Chapter 12: When Fran shows Youka's two friends the rather, well, disgusting process she used to clone her, both boys throw up because of how disgusting it is. Fran apologizes and gets nervous, thinking they were embarrassed to see her naked.
  • Chapter 13: For an extra bit of dark humor: at one point, Kuhou has a nightmare about Fran performing operations on her. Guess what happens a few pages later?
  • In the-no, wait, come back! I'm serious! In Chapter 17, there's a giant Sea Monster that comes to shore on an island, and there's a big deal about what it is, where it came from, and what it's doing. It's determined that it's actually a human girl, who was turned into a sea monster, so that she could, get this, live with the whales, and she makes land to tell her mom that she's preggers.
  • Chapter 26. Cameo at the end by the fucking Flying Spaghetti Monster!
  • One of the extra chapters has Fran and Veronica watch a movie adaptation of the events of chapter 27. Of course, nearly everything is butchered. It starts with Veronica being played by a towering muscular man instead of a preteen girl (Though Fran does comment it matches the description she gave the producers), and it only gets funnier from there, culminating in Veronica snapping and throwing her chair at the screen.
  • Chapter 28: A criminal sentenced to death is visited by Fran and Kuhou in the hospital after yet another failed attempt to execute him. He promptly masturbates and ejaculates on Kuhou. As he says he's still good for one more, Kuhou runs away screaming while Fran asks if she can have a sample this time.
  • An island with only men seek to kidnap women from a neighboring island. Why? Because they're tired of melons.
  • Chapter 36: Fran asks Okita and Veronica if there's a person they like. Veronica starts to blush and instantly gets flustered (Hint hint...). Too bad for her, Fran leaves before she can spit it out.
  • This page. Pretty much the guy is going to commit suicide but stops himself because he forgot to destroy his hard drive first. IE doesn't want his family to look at what porn he's been looking at.
  • Gavrill substituting for a teacher starts using Brutal Honesty to answer her student's questions (recommending Screw the Rules, I Have Money! / Connections, Be a Whore to Get Your Man...). As a result, the line of students wanting her help extends far beyond the corridor.
  • The ridiculous Insane Troll Logic in the sentinel series. The villains, (Black Lotus) creates an army to make the world a better place so that humans start overpopulating and create World War III. The Heroes then proceed to solve this problem by causing mass slaughter to save the world! ...Any of that make sense?
  • A brief one in chapter 52: at the start of the chapter, as Fran wonders why the guys who dragged her to Italy did it, she notes that everyone back at the lab must be worried sick. And indeed, we do see Veronica going apeshit, and Fran's bodyguards trying to restrain her.
  • One chapter has very little in terms of jokes and deals with a form of immortality, then hits you square in the face with the punchline: old relatives who seemingly just won't die do it on purpose because they hate you. Yes, old people hate you. The sudden barrage of messages about more old people being detected all over the world who are like this, comprable to what one would expect of nuclear missile launches or something equally catastrophic along with the Oh, Crap faces of the cast only makes it even funnier.

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