Fridge / Franken Fran

  • Fridge Brilliance: In Chapter 25, Veronica gets the living shit bullied out of her, which she stoically takes in stride, without so much as a complaint, let alone her usual way of doing things. She tells Fran "Everyone's so nice!" At first it looks like the scene is just a quick joke, but after a while, it dawns on you - Veronica was made as a bodyguard and before this, had always been surrounded by people who were trying to kill her. Compared to the shit she's lived through, even the worst schoolyard bullying is small potatoes.
  • It's never explicitly stated why the Professor abandoned Veronica, but it's later said that the people trying to kill the Professor eventually gave up trying to get past Veronica and started attacking the lab instead. She did her job too well and so, since he didn't need her anymore, he abandoned her.
  • Of course Gavrill gives advice on how to rape women: she won't probably ever get raped herself thanks to her heightened senses and strength, and she isn't the type to care about other women because of her own gender.
  • Fridge Horror: The Professor was a renowned biochemist who gained infamy while working for the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. That statement becomes a lot more horrifying if you know about the kind of things the biological and chemical warfare division of the Japanese Army was doing at that time; Naomitsu is heavily implied to be a former member of Unit 731, the unit responsible for some of the most utterly nightmarish human experimentation in history.
  • If you look at this page of the manga and this page of the next chapter you can see that both chapters occur at the same time and that it's the actor in chapter 36 that the woman in chapter 37 gets plastic surgery for possibly as a result of the actors 'pheromones'