Heartwarming / Franken Fran

  • Snow Light chapter — a possible aversion of a similar Black Jack chapter.
  • Attempted Suicide chapter. For once, the only person who ended up worse off deserved it. A man who tried to commit suicide was 'saved' by Fran and left as just a brain. She transplanted him into the body of a living, breathing mascot character. While roaming the streets as said character, the suicidal man comes across a little girl from a broken home. He tries to rescue her, and eventually kills her abusive stepfather. Fran steps in, as she does, and implants the suicidal man's brain into the stepfather's body. The stepfather's brain ends up in the mascot character, trapped in a world surrounded by children and unable to do anything to them - it's anatomically incorrect and has no apparent sense of touch.
  • Cosmetic Surgery chapter. Not only do the girl and the boy now have a proper relationship without her freaking out at his touch, but we see a ton of the students happily enjoying their strange new bodies from their various surgeries.
    • We later find out that the boy and girl broke up after one of them cheated on the other though...
  • Beautiful World chapter. The painter who gets eye surgery arguably counts too. Sure, the sweet girl he hooks up with could probably be Saya's sister, but they seem to genuinely love each other, and he goes to thank Fran for his newfound happiness.
  • Trivial Love chapter. Even bioweapon horrors can find true love.
  • The Twenty Four chapter, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "Walk A Mile In My Shoes".
  • There's a rather blink-and-miss moment in Aura chapter, where Fran asks Okita and Veronica whether they had somebody they liked, and Okita answers "You", in a very matter-of-factly manner. Dawww.
  • The end of the Sea Monster chapter. "Mother. I'm home."
  • The chrysalis chapter, watching the relationship between the boy and the girl grow, the backstory where it's revealed that it wasn't looks that attracted the boy to the girl and he is even willing to walk out of the picture once she gets her old body back (since the story started with her rejecting his love). The chapter ends with the two of them sitting side by side in a love hotel looking nervous and then the girl proceeds to turn into a mantis hybrid and devour the boy, because that's what mantis do when they make love (Although research suggests that they only do this when being observed in captivity).
    • A later chapter implies that she has his child.
  • The interactions between Shion and her uncle Akira in chapter 43. After having his brain attached to her to get a hold of her inheritance, he learns just how much her life sucks and willingly has himself placed into an And I Must Scream situation so that she can have a free life.
  • The company president in Rolling World 2 is so moved by the love that the two runaway mascots feel for each other, that he allows Fran to give them human bodies. Then we see their new bodies.
  • The ending of Left and Right, the re-union of the two halves of Fran was unexpectedly dramatic, but it worked.
    • In the same chapter, after Fran's left-half angrily insults Veronica, Fran's right half comforts her and tells her how much she appreciates her work.
  • The very last main chapter, Dream. Seeing every character Fran has ever interacted with throughout the entire series all gather together for her rather symbolic "party"; the epic proportion of the results of all her work, be they good or bad, that stretches across several pages to show. This is her dream, she still remembers them all, and she feels both happy and fulfilled at her efforts. To top it off, Fran finally gets to see her beloved professor, though it's a little sad since it's only a dream. Heartwarming or not, it is an incredibly satisfying chapter to read.
  • After seeing Veronica get so harshly picked on during most of the final extra chapter, seeing her sisters hug her when she starts to cry is absolutely adorable.
  • "Her Pet Dog" is an odd and somewhat Squicky one. After a girl named Runa loses her dog, Pudding, to a car accident, Fran saves his life by transplanting his brain into the body of a fat, hairy, middle-aged man. Runa has a hard time accepting him, keeps his existence a secret, and eventually considers just abandoning him in the woods. However, after he saves her from some rapists, she changes her mind, and treats him like her old dog again, openly and without any shame. Sadly, Runa comes down with a terminal illness and dies in the hospital. Pudding continues to wait for her every day until he too dies. Despite his disgusting appearance, the locals are actually touched by his loyalty, to the point where they even make a (highly inaccurate) movie about him.