Funny / 42

  • Jackie's face when Harold tells him that the racist Jerkass who gleefully pushed him into his BSOD wants a picture showing there are no hard feelings.
    Harold: No. No. I wish.
  • Jackie, take a shower with me.
  • Pittsburgh!
  • Upon receiving a threat against Jackie's life, Wendell— on the advice of Branch Rickey— packs up Jackie's things and moves him out of town. He doesn't tell Jackie why, because Mr. Rickey doesn't want these threats to get under Jackie's skin and affect the way he plays. After swerving through traffic to get away from a group of men moving towards them in a threatening manner, a startled Jackie asks Wendell what the hell is going on. Wendell finally tells Jackie of the threat, which prompts a sigh of relief from Jackie! "I thought you were moving me out because I'd been cut from the team!" As Jackie laughs, Wendell mutters, "You've got a strange sense of humor, man."
  • When Chapman's boss shows him the scathing article written about his racist comments to Robinson, Chapman immediately assumes that a Jew wrote it.