Funny: Four Rooms

  • Nearly everything involving Ted's reactions to the situations he finds himself in.
  • From "The Missing Ingredient":
    • "So, you're telling me you were supposed to bring..." (Points down) "...hmm...and you..." (Gulp) "...hmm?"
    • The witches' rhymes.
  • From "The Wrong Man":
    • Ted's dance before he enters the room, smoke and all.
    • The random flash of Ted holding a baby dressed identically to him, when he gets knocked out.
    • "I..." "Ah..." "Theodore..." "Theodaw..."
    • Ted's Berserk Button rant about his own name.
    • The wife's Hurricane of Euphemisms rant.
  • From "The Misbehavers":
    • "You want five hundred bucks?" (Ted shrugs) "...Sure!"
    • The haggling over the money and the "situation".
    • The out-of-the-blue crossover with "The Wrong Man", as we find out who called Siegfried about the needles.
    • The punch line of the gangster opening the door to see the room torn apart and destroyed...and then, in a calm and casual tone as if none of it's registered with him:
    "Did they misbehave?"
  • From "The Man From Hollywood":
    • Ted taking a moment to stop his rant about all the craziness that's happened so far in the movie to note that incident with the witches was actually "pretty bloody good".
    • Ted's reaction to the return of Siegfried's wife.
    • The party favor Running Gag.
    • Chester's constant Serious Business about the champagne.
    • "A donut—" "That's for me...."
      • "Club sandwich—" "Me...."
    • The exaggerated pride as Ted says, "And...a hatchet!"
    • Ted being so absorbed in Chester's temptation that he chops off the guy's finger without a second thought.
    • The fact that the lighter fails on the very first try!!!
    • Ted's swagger as he leaves.