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Heartwarming: 42
  • Jackie promising his son that he will be there for him.
    Jackie: My dad left me when I was six months older than you are. I donít remember nothing. Nothing good. Nothing bad. You will remember me. Iím gonna be here with you till the day I die.
  • When a pitcher deliberately throws a fastball to hit Jackie's head, Jackie's entire team jumps out of the dugout to deal with the pitcher.
  • In an important game, a runner who was out by a mile "spikes" Jackie's leg, driving his cleat into him and sending him down to the field. After helping him up, one of the players instructs the pitcher to throw at the next batter's head, but Jackie talks them down. "Game's too important. Just get him out."
  • Jackie asking Rachel to marry him. Nicole Beharie's face makes it.
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