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Funny: Fall Out Boy
  • The end of the "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" music video. How does Pete Wentz respond to seeing his GF (played by Kim Kardashian, no less) getting kissed by the crazy-ass chimpanzee director? Trash the whole set.
  • An IGN interviewer didn't prepare properly before interviewing Fall Out Boy on the Nintendo Fusion tour and Pete takes full advantage. Behold the infamous "Jason" interview.
  • In the same vein, here is another interview where Pete encourages his fans to visit, which he claims is a fashion blog.
  • As the support act for blink-182 on their reunion tour, a particularly ornery guy threw a bottle at Fall Out Boy. When asked by Pete why he did so, the guy goes "Play blink!" The band says no, tells him to be more patient, and offers to play any song in their catalog to shut the guy up. "Play blink!" Fall Out Boy instead plays an incredibly unrehearsed version of Don't Stop Believing. They'd continue to play "Don't Stop Believing" for the rest of the tour, even bringing Brendon Urie into it.
  • The pure hilarious insanity of the music video for I Don't Care.
  • During their first post-hiatus show in Melbourne Patrick held his guitar up and saying he wanted it to be like Simba in The Lion King. There's a reason he's so Adorkable.
  • Their appearance on Conan was filled with This Is Spinal Tap references, complete with cloaked midgets dancing around mini Stonehedge. Also, Pete getting stuck in the pod...Patrick, Joe, and Andy looking concerned...then Harry Shearer (as Derek Smalls) came out to play bass. First thing Pete and Harry did after he got out? Fistbumped.
  • There's something absolutely ridiculous about completely drugged-out insane snapping Patrick in the "Young Volcanoes" video.
    • In the "Phoenix" video before that, it's weirdly funny how easy it is to kidnap our daring heroes.
      • Also, during the "Phoenix" video, when Pete is delivered Patrick's severed hand on his doorstep, what does he do? Look slightly bemused, scratch his head, and go back inside.
    • The entirety of the "The Mighty Fall" video. The boys' expressions when they saw the kids, Patrick singing about love while running for his life, the awkward way he trips and falls to the ground, and, most of all, Big Sean rapping about sex while being killed by two women. It's all still quite lovable though
    • In "Just One Yesterday", Foxes suddenly decides, during her verse, to stop driving her car. Cue the Funny Background Event of Patrick desperately trying to drive with a hook-hand.
    • In "Death Valley", among all the drugs, alcohol, and hot women, there's a brief shot of Joe happily partying with his dog, Louis
      • There's also something darkly hilarious about the police taking Patrick's fingerprints from his severed hand
  • This quote from a Kerrang! interview in 2007:
    Kerrang: What are some of the more elaborate schemes that fans have come up with to meet you?
    Pete: Some of them started a band called Panic! at the Disco...
  • In the video for "A Little Less Sixteen Candles", there's a part that is played completely serious, where Pete stands alone, fists raised, against a dozen of Beckett's Dandies. They stare at each other for a minute. Then Pete shuffles forward a bit, they shuffle back. He shuffles forward again, they shuffle back. And then it cuts to Beckett, sitting on top of a car, using a dead guy, slumped in the open window, as a footrest and looking rather bored with the proceedings.
  • Fall Out Boy taking part in "Mean Tweets" on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • The music video for "Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet" is an wholesale Shout-Out to Weekend at Bernie's with Pete in the Bernie role. Brendon and Spencer discover Pete dead on a beach, take him out on a day of fun, and then return him to the beach where they found him....minus Pete's wallet, jacket, and phone.
    Brendon: I'm calling 911!
    Spencer: Waitwaitwait...are you gonna call 911 or are you gonna call Jason Tatenote ? [Beat] You want 1 million followers on Twitter?
    Brendon: [huge grin on his face] I just got an idea! Grab his arm! Grab his arm!
  • For a live performance of "Sugar We're Going Down", Pete explains the story behind the song, and finishes the story by yelling:
    Give it up for your motherfucking right hand!
  • There is something oddly hilarious about the fact that Fall Out Boy ''nesting dolls'' are an official merch product you can buy from their store.
  • When Andy was asked about what part of his body ''wasn't'' inked...
    Andy: Uh...I'll put it in Game of Thrones terms: Don't wake the dragon!
    Andy: Or how about in Joss Whedon terms: The hammer is my penis.
    Patrick: Thank you...

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