Tear Jerker: Fall Out Boy

This pop-punk band has a few depressing songs.

  • "Atavan Halen (7 Minutes in Heaven)" is about Wentz attempted suicide by overdose. Once you know what it's about, you will cry eventually.
  • "What a Catch Donnie" became known as their official "goodbye" song when the band was on hiatus. It is an amazing tear jerker, particularly the following lines:
    "They say the captain goes down with the ship
    So when the world ends, will God go down with it?"
    • Patrick would still shed some Manly Tears performing this during the Save Rock & Roll Tour.
    • Even more of a tearjerker considering that Pete wrote it about Patrick.
  • "Golden" is this to some people.
  • "Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year".
  • Then there are "I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth"
  • And the whole end to "Donnie".
  • The whole hiatus of 2009 to 2013 was pretty depressing for the most part.
  • "Thriller" oh dear god the emotion that occurs right after Jay-Z's part ends.
    • Hell, the emotion that occurs during Jay-Z's part. "To the fans that held us down til everyone came around...WELCOME. IT'S HERE!" *CUE EPIC RIFF*
    • THE WHOLE DAMN SONG, one of the few examples on here that's happy tearjerking. Alternately, just plain feels inducing.
  • "Alone Together", while it's still somewhat cheerful, tends to be one.
  • I'd trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday.
  • "Miss Missing You" is another one.
    Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger, the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger
    • This line is made even worse in the Young Blood Chronicles. A brainwashed Patrick is chasing Pete around at this point, actively trying to kill him.
      • In the same video, watching Patrick and Pete kill each other was pretty depressing.
  • "Jet Pack Blues" has a melancholy tune, and along with the lyrics, it makes a powerfully sad song overall.
    "She’s in a long black coat tonight, waiting for me in the downpour outside.
    She’s singing “Baby come home” in a melody of tears, while the rhythm of the rain keeps time."
  • Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it's tested again and again every day!
  • During "Where Did The Party Go" in The Young Blood Chronicles videos, Patrick's expression when he realizes he killed Joe.
  • In "Rat a Tat," there's a brief hope spot where Pete and Andy break into Courtney Love's base. Pete grabs the briefcase and runs, and it looks for a moment like he and Andy could get away...until Andy, out of nowhere, gets his throat slit. By this point, only Pete and Patrick are left, and Patrick hardly counts since he's brainwashed and trying to kill Pete.