Funny / Curious George

2006 Animated Film

  • How Ted gets his trademark yellow suit. The shop owners trick him into purchasing the item, claiming that "yellow's the new kakhi" Cut to him boarding the ship with the other people laughing at him.
    Ted: "The new kakhi." Thank you! Thank you very much! I look like an idiot!
  • George comes across a chameleon and that turns brown as he passes it. Then he brings his animal friends (hippo, crocodile, zebra etc) to make the chameleon match their color. Then they run around the chameleon in circles and the chameleon, dizzy, falls to the ground in a kaleidoscopic state. Then George puts the chameleon back on a tree limb, the chameleon still in kaleidoscopic state.
  • Bloomsberry Junior is sneaking by and overhearing Ted complaining about the mini-Zagawa Idol which he decides to take advantage of
    Junior: Look who's back. And he's wearing a yellow suit. What, is he officially the golden child now?
    Ted: Monkey, put that down! (George puts a smiling mask on Ted's sad face) Oh, I've got problems. Oh, do I have problems.
    Junior: Glorious day, Ted has problems.
    Ted: What am I gonna do? There's no way around it. I have to tell Mr. Bloomsberry the truth. The horrible, devastatingly crushing truth!
    Junior: (listening): Devastatingly crushing?
    Ted: His enormous idol looks like it came out of a cereal box.
    Junior: Wow, that must be a huge box of cereal. Or...
    Ted: It's only three inches tall!
    Junior: Yes! This is great! What a great day for parking lots! Whoa! [loses his balance and falls off the railing into the bushes below] Oh, my body! Hey, a dollar!
  • George painting Opera singer Ms Plushbottom's walls followed by him pouring the paint into her bathtub!
    Ted: Do yourself a favor. You're gonna wanna put the cucumbers back on.
    Plushbottom: AAAAHH!!!

PBS series

  • From "Water to Ducks"
    Man in the Yellow Hat: George, I want to remind you, those ducks are here temporarily!
    Narrator: George wondered exactly how long he could make "temporarily" last.
  • In "Zoo Night," George spends a good portion of the day entranced watching a video of a baby panda at the zoo on the Man in the Yellow Hat's computer. He finally gets him off of it by revealing that the zoo the panda's at is just down the street and so George can go see the panda in person.
  • In "Curious George Meets Allie-Whoops," after Allie meets the Man in the Yellow Hat for the first time, she refers to him to George as "The Man in the Yellow Pants," possibly because he isn't wearing his hat when she first meets him.
  • In "Curious George Takes a Dive," George turns the bathtub into a miniature pond, complete with a turtle, fish, frogs and slime.
    Man in the Yellow Hat: George, has it really been that long since I cleaned the tub, or did you do this?
  • In "Skunked," George and Bill both get sprayed by a skunk. Bill advises George, "take a bath in tomato juice." This is actually George's third time getting sprayed. He knows.
    George: (walking away, muttering darkly) Hoo hoo, ah ah ah!
  • In "Cat Mother," George babysits a kitten and it gets stuck within the wall of his and the Man in the Yellow Hat's apartment. The building manager is forced to take a hole out of the wall to get the kitten out. When the Man in the Yellow Hat and the Professor Wiseman (who he was working with) return...
    Professor Wiseman: (observing the situation) Wha... wha... wha?
    Man in the Yellow Hat: I'm learning sometimes it's better not to even ask.