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Headscratchers: Curious George

  • Also, why is he so weak? One episode had a medium sized dog dragging him around by a leash. George should be strong enough to crush that dog's skull with one paw, monkey or ape.
    • Two reasons:
      • George likely represents childhood innocence, curiosity, and naivety. If something weird happens, his first response is to go, "Welp, let's see where this ends up!" rather than attempting to resist the urge and think about the consequences of his actions.
      • Baby apes may be strong enough to crush skulls with one paw, but this is a series aimed for small children. Showing George flat out murdering another character ala Mortal Kombat would be a good way to get the series banned forever. That, and since he was taken from the wild at a such a young age, he probably doesn't really know how to defend himself as he never had the chance to develop those skills through playtime with his fellow kin. Besides, as per the plot, George always eventually finds some creative way to get himself out of sticky situations.
  • Why are Moral Guardians up in arms about George being a bad influence on children? Some claim that since he usually gets off easy or not punished at all, the books don't reflect good behavior or reality for children?
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