Headscratchers / Cyber Chase

  • There's something I don't get- how did Hacker use the kids to hack Motherboard in episode 1? They pressed some buttons, overloaded a circuit and SOMEHOW, that caused a tiny flux of cyberific (ugh I made up a word) that overloads the entire internet's... god?
    • Motherboard being the cyberspace equivalent of a god cannot be defeated in cyberspace...however in the real world she is nothing more than a computer program. Hacker having once worked for Motherboard and helped maintain her probably figured out a way to manipulate the real world computer systems to make Motherboard...but only for a brief period(otherwise he could have just make another virus to use against her). Hacker probably spent years trying to do this.
  • This would count as Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch, but I do: the sheer abuse of the word "cyber" as a prefix for, well, everything. Granted, inside a computer environment things should scale to be smaller, but still.
  • Cyborg Cybology (yes, I did that on purpose): Good gods, where to begin? Well, you're technically going to live forever, so why bother having kids? For that matter, how exactly does this whole having kids thing work? There are denizens who are clearly robotic, others who look like hybrids, and yet others who seem organic. How organic are "borgs"?
    • This is complicated by the fact that they're implied to be metallic but magnets don't affect them in any way (Didget is able to keep a magnet inside his chest compartment which also contains several pieces of important equipment; in real electronics, this would damage if not ruin said important equipment).
  • In the episode "Hackerized", the kids could only be outside for three minutes at a time, so they trained to climb Climber's Rock within 3 minutes. But they didn't account for actually running over to the rock from the shelter, which would have eaten up some of their time limit.
    • I think this was given as the reason Matt first failed when he tried to climb the rock (that and being really stubborn).
  • Slider.. I watched this show for years, and I don't remember that kid at all.
    • Slider is a native of a site called Radopolis. He first appeared in Borg of the Ring. He had a story arc where he looked for his father who had gone underground after Hacker tried to blackmail him. Eventually the Cyber Squad helped Slider find his father. They reunited and returned to Radopolis where they run a coolant-changing shop for cars.
  • In the episode, "Totally Rad", the kids face off against Hacker in a skating competition. What it boils down to is that if Team Motherboard loses, Inez has to become Hacker's cheerleader. Disregarding the creepiness of the situation, why does Hacker want Inez in particular?
    • She has spirit; she was being a really good cheerleader a few minutes before he calls her out. Not that that makes it less creepy to older viewers.
      • To make this one worse, a later episode, "A Perfect Score" has Hacker holding Inez hostage with Jackie having to dance with him in order to rescue her. The pedo vibe is not helped by Jackie's disgust at the circumstances.
  • The biggest headscratcher for this troper with that episode is the fact that all Hacker had to do to take over Radopolis was basically steal the crown, ignoring the fact that not only do the citizens obviously outnumber Hacker and his TWO minions and that Hacker has never displayed any type of special powers or skills in battle so the citizens could have just could easily mobbed up on them and take the crown back, why does merely having the crown make one the king or queen of Radopolis?
    • Cyberspace seems to run on specific rules that everyone on any given site have to follow; the reasons are never given but they're strict enough that only evil villains seem to want to bend and/or break them.
    • I might be confusing it with another episode, but didn't the crown turn Hacker into a Reality Warper (at least within Radopolis itself)? That's not someone you'd want to mess with, even on a kid's show.
  • In one episode, Hacker gets arrested because his piece of land (supposedly) violates the area limit. He gets out in the end, but that gets one thinking... why didn't he STAY in jail? This was relatively early on in the show, but he basically attempted to ASSASSINATE Mother Board in the very first episode! They try to justify it by saying how Hacker has the antidote to Mother Board's virus, and if Hacker stays in jail he won't give that info up. Uh, kids, he's NEVER going to give that info up, whether or not he's incarcerated! If Hacker stays in jail, at least finding a new chip would be a lot easier.
    • Odds are they don't have proof. Considering that people in cyberspace have right to trial they don't have any evidence, after all no one was looking at that time or video tape it.
    • Not only do they not have proof; does that particular Cybersite have any jurisdiction over him besides the ordinance violation? You can only arrest someone for the laws you have, after all.
    • That's one of the few episodes I remember well. Hacker actually persuaded the kids to help him by giving Motherboard the antivirus before the kids defended him from the law and got him out of jail. They helped him because for all they knew, Hacker just cured Motherboard so now they need to keep their end of the deal. Although he revealed to his lackeys at the very end of the episode that it was only a temporary antidote....
  • In the episode where they are on the island where everything is 10 times bigger, they determine the proportion by comparing their own size to that of a giant kid. The problem I have is that the giant kid is stated to be the smallest in his class, so he isn't average-sized like Matt. Their proportions should be wrong.
    • Though they never bring it up, to quote Inez in the estimation episode, "close enough is good enough". Plus Matt and Jackie both use "about" to describe the proportions. Here's a paraphrased but still close rendition of what they said.
    Matt: "Back at home, the doorknob usually comes up to about my waist."
    Jackie: "That's about...half your height."
  • Considering it's obviously possible for computers to suck people into cyberspace, why aren't there tons of people living there where anything they want can be programmed in instantly? Surely the people who design and program computers are aware of this possibility; they invented the whole thing. (Yes, I know this is just a kids' show.)
    • Jotting down in case needed for future fanfictioning.
    • In all seriousness, it's probably due to hackers. Having your personal information out on the web is bad enough, can you imagine the damage they could do if they were effectively given Reality Warper status over a significant population? Especially since most of the people trying for that are basically guaranteed to be malicious...
  • A minor detail about Buzz and Delete; In "A Day At The Spa", Buzz comments that if Hacker doesn't need them "It's back to the cyber cheese factory for both of us!" But according to "Buzz and Delete Save the Day", their parts are from a cybersite called Botopolis and Hacker bought those parts and used them to build Buzz and Delete. Hacker building Buzz and Delete seems to be what everyone accepts as canon despite Buzz's comment (though I know it's supposed to be a throwaway line) in "A Day At The Spa". What's the truth?
    • Maybe Hacker did build them, but they either quit or got fired early on in their careers, and the only job they could find was at the cyber-cheese factory. Cue them running back to Hacker's employ.
  • How did Motherboard know Matt, Inez, and Jackie's names in the first episode? It may have been that she somehow heard them introduce themselves to each other, but does that mean that she was watching them at the library?