Funny: Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Cleo: "I know! It's a pizza!" (chews flat beach ball) "Yech. Definitely not a pizza..."
  • Pretty much the whole episode "An Itchy Patch", especially this scene:
    Veteranarian: He seems to have a rash.
    Clifford: (Oh Crap! face)
  • From "Flood of Imagination":
    Clifford: Okay, so if we're going to the ogre's castle to rescue Emily Elizabeth, we should take a few things with us. Like a picnic.
    Cleo: And some games!
    T-Bone: And CAKE!
    Clifford: And some maps.
    Cleo: And an inflatable swimming pool!
    T-Bone: And CAKE!
    Clifford: And gas for the car.
    Cleo: And 27 pogo sticks!
    T-Bone: And CAKE!
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