Funny / Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Cleo: "I know! It's a pizza!" (chews flat beach ball) "Yech. Definitely not a pizza..."
  • Pretty much the whole episode "An Itchy Patch", especially this scene:
    Veteranarian: He seems to have a rash.
    Clifford: (Oh, Crap! face)
  • From "Flood of Imagination":
    Clifford: Okay, so if we're going to the ogre's castle to rescue Emily Elizabeth, we should take a few things with us. Like a picnic.
    Cleo: And some games!
    T-Bone: And CAKE!
    Clifford: And some maps.
    Cleo: And an inflatable swimming pool!
    T-Bone: And CAKE!
    Clifford: And gas for the car.
    Cleo: And 27 pogo sticks!
    T-Bone: And CAKE!
  • In "Cleo's Fair Share", Cleo imagines herself, T-Bone, and Clifford playing with her new chew toy. She imagines T-Bone getting it covered in saliva and Clifford swallowing the toy due to his huge size. The best part is how unapologetically she imagines Clifford would say "Oops."
  • At one point, Clifford, T-Bone, and Cleo are making funny faces at each other. T-Bone turns around so he can properly adjust his face. The result? A mildly-angry face with his tongue sticking out.
  • In "Jetta's Friend", Jetta's pen pal from the city is visiting and Jetta plans out the entire day and uses a timer to keep track of time. After a bird steals it, drops it, and breaks it, Jetta responds, "This was definitely not part of the plan."