Funny / Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2

  • Any scene with Romanov, a larger than life, lecherous and unapologetic walking ham.
  • Who is matched by Einstein in terms of ridiculous accents and Hammyness.
  • Due to the nature of his prostheses requiring that they be physically glued to his head, Udo Kier (Yuri's actor) was forced to remain in makeup even when not filming. This lead to bizzare behind-the-scenes photos of a vest-wearing Yuri sitting at a picnic table, quietly eating lunch.
  • In the Allied campaign, after you rescue President Dugan from Yuri's mind control, he showers you with praise and promises to promote you to... whatever you like... except for President of course.
  • This is the first game in the series that allows you to garrison civilian structures to add to your infantry's offensive and defensive power. Any building can be garrisoned, from office buildings or the Pentagon to fast-food restaurants. But what puts it in this section is the fact that when you garrison a building, it visually changes: sandbags appear, barbed wire, barricaded windows... even appearing on a Port-A-Potty. Some of the fast food mascots like McBurger Kong can bandannas and machine guns!
  • Einstein takes the cake in Mirage, one of the late missions in the Allied campaign. Every time soviet forces approach the Chronosphere, he interrupts the communication between the player and Eva, who gets increasingly annoyed about this.
  • Dugan appears to be a bit too chummy with his secretary, who happens to be suspiciously reminiscent of Monica Lewinsky.

Yuri's Revenge

  • In the first Soviet mission in the expansion pack, your forces hijack a time machine with the intent of altering the past in their favor. The time machine powers up, there is a bright flash... and you find yourself face-to-face with a dinosaur.
    Zofia taps a control panel, frowns, and taps it again before a concerned look crosses her face.
    Zofia:"er, Comrade General? It seems that our superior Soviet engineers made the time machine TOO efficient..."
  • When Romanov's plane gets shot down over Morocco your goal is to find him. Where is he? A Cabaret, having drinks served to him by a belly dancer. Not only that that - he's at Rick's Place!
  • Yuri's Fate in the Soviet ending in the expansion. You know how you accidentally went back in time to the dinosaurs by using too much power? When Yuri gets into the Time Machine you do that to him. He quickly gets eaten as it turns out he can't mind control dinosaurs.
    Zofia: Comrade General. Yuri has the time machine. (Gets a shit eating grin on her face) However we still have access to the power systems.
  • General Carville's reaction to the "Floating Disk" unit when it first appears:
    Carville: Holy cow! Commander, we got some kind of UFO on the scope. Either it's an alien invasion, or Yuri's been watching too much TV.
  • Tanya objects to the praise given to Boris by mission control.
    Tanya: What? [laughs] Yeah, right, Boris is skilled. Look at me, I can call in an airstrike! Please...
  • Upon hearing about a base in Transilvania, Romanov mocks Yuri's theatricality with some of his own.
    Romanov (Doing the Frankenstein gait) He is like monster from movies, yes?