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YMMV: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
YMMV page for the overall series:

Red Alert 2:

  • Complete Monster: Yuri is a powerful psychic and aspiring overlord initially serving the Soviet Union, but soon reveals his ulterior motives. In the Soviet campaign he supports the invasion of the United States and later the rest of the world, building devices to turn the conquered peoples into mind-controlled drones. He assassinates Premier Romanov and frames General Vladimir to usurp the Soviet leadership, before attempting to kill the player because his continued success has made him a potential threat to Yuri's position. Yuri's Revenge reveals that he was just using the Soviets to establish a network of mind control devices to enslave the planet so there will be no will but his own. His subsequent plots include harvesting the entire population of Los Angeles for raw materials, holding a software company ransom and nuking Seattle until they give in, secretly assassinating world leaders and replacing them with clones, and planning to level all coastal cities in the world. Throw in the fact that his army uses slaves to mine their ore, genetically alters soldiers and civilians alike into obedient, mutated freaks, grinds up civilians, captured enemies, and his own units for spare parts or drains them for bioelectricity, and is built around mind controlling his adversaries, and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a very, very bad man.
  • Even Better Sequel: Red Alert grows beyond being an expy of the Tiberium Saga with this installment and many interesting gameplay additions are introduced. The Lighter and Softer camp elements add charm without completely derailing the game. The invasion of mainland USA scenario is as good as it gets. Stalin is hard to replace as a villain, however.
  • Evil Is Sexy: And so is good - the actresses playing both faction's Mission Control chicks got started in sexploitation.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Yuri's faction. He uses units outright stolen from both the Allies and Soviets, who paint themselves blue and red, respectively. The color of Yuri's forces is purple - a color created from mixing red and blue.
    • Yuri Prime (Yuri himself) is his faction's strongest unit. If you have an Allied or Soviet engineer capture a secret lab (which allow players to get other nation's special unit), you'll only get a Yuri clone, which is an Elite Mook of sorts. Players may cry unfair to this, but if you consider that you'll basically clone him, not to mention if you listen to Yuri Prime's Badass Boast, it makes perfect sense.
    Yuri Prime: "There's only one true Yuri!"
    • Made into a hilarious headscratcher though because with The Yuri faction's own cloning vats you can have 2 Yuri Primes.
  • Fridge Logic: In the intro, a Soviet Apocalypse Tank is shown dramatically crossing the border from Mexico and driving over a 'Welcome to Texas' sign, crushing it...except the 'Welcome to Texas' side is facing the viewer, which makes no sense. Chalk it up to Rule of Cool.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Destroying the World Trade Center Towers in Red Alert 2. Of course that is entirely up to the player to do. However, destroying the Pentagon isn't. And that's the first Soviet mission. To further hammer the point home, Red Alert 2's original box art featured a burning New York City skyline, with the WTC on fire. After 9/11, Electronic Arts recalled all of the unsold units, and for a month, you couldn't even buy the game. What did the new, less offensive box art feature? No NYC, but the American flag in the Soviet commander's monocle was replaced with a mushroom cloud.
    • "Hell March 2" was the perfect choice of music for the Soviet invasion of America in the intro... and it also goes disturbingly well with footage of the Russian invasion of Crimea in February 2014.
  • Game Breaker: Yuri's entire faction. It's so bad that Yuri is usually banned from online play.
    • In particular, the UFO's. 2 of them can entirely shut down a bases power and slowly drain your credits away, zapping any anti-air infantry/vehicles that try to shoot them down. If these little bastards shut down your base, your only hope is pretty much to have enough aa to take them down, or have an ally help you.
    • France can be considered this from a defensive/turtling point of view. An arrangement of Grand Cannons and Patriot Missile batteries is nigh-impenetrable.
    • Prism Tanks, if properly micromanaged, are damn near unstoppable and can flatten a base in seconds with what appears to be a laser rave from hell.
    • Navy SEALs too. They're basically mini-Tanyas, equally as capable of decimating Infantry as her, and can be mass-produced. Combined with the above Prism Tanks and nothing stands a chance!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Cool as it is in-game, the destruction of Washington and New York evokes tragic real life events after 9/11.
  • Obvious Judas: Yuri, for the Soviet Union. There's something suspicious about him from the very beginning, and he only gets more suspicious as the game goes on. By the time it gets the point that Premier Romanov is murdered, it's already blatently obvious that he has an agenda. Then comes his 'proof' that General Vladimir is responsible. Miraculously, the player character still seems to see nothing wrong (or alternatively, he did, but felt powerless due to not having any solid counter-proof).

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