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Heartwarming: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
  • Zofia makes her entrance to the Soviet campaign clad in leather bondage gear. However she remain loyal and committed to the Soviet cause. In the second to last mission she discovers a video tape revealing Yuri is the traitor, and shows it to you, the Commander, before saying her final goodbyes. In the expansion pack, flirting aside she is really committed to your cause, wishing for your safe return.
  • In the expansion. Lt. Eva had unwillingly disclosed the meeting location of the world leaders to Yuri. The final mission briefing showed her that she was about to tend to her resignation before Carville cuts in, telling her she isn't the only one that had been brainwashed to disclose information. In response? She stays and uses the communication links to find out Yuri's hiding spot in Antarctica.
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