Funny / Command & Conquer: Renegade

  • The cutscene after infiltrating Raveshaw's mansion.
    [As Sydney is driving the truck to escape]
    Havoc: Watch it!
    Sydney: You were supposed to rescue all three of us! Are you always this incompetent?!
    Havoc: Cow.
    Sydney: Pig!
    Havoc: No, cow!
    Cow: Moo!
    [Sydney swerves the truck to avoid said cow]
  • The cutscene when Havoc meets a Tiberium physically enhanced and brainwashed Raveshaw, right before the boss fight against him:
    Havoc: At least, he's taller.
    • And then, when he meets the similarly enhanced Petrova, who promises to perform the same enhancements on him:
    Havoc: "Evolve" me? No thanks, I like being a caveman. [beat] Looks good on you, though.
  • The cutscene of Havoc rescuing the GDI prisoners from the NOD sub base, wherein he declines to escape with them. Doubles as a nice reference to Tiberian Dawn.
    GDI Soldier: You mean you're going to take on the whole crew by yourself?
    Havoc: Doesn't seem fair, does it? Maybe I'll shoot left-handed.
  • Every time Havoc mouths off at Kane.
    Kane: Parker. Your interference is... troubling.
    Havoc: (kills a Tiberium mutant who jumps him in the middle of the conversation) Hey look, we got good, bad and ugly, all in one room. I'll let you guess who is who.
  • Havoc Takes On WestWood, WestWood missed the shipping date for the game and Havoc is sent in to embarrass and humiliate the employees, having some drop and give him push-ups are the tip of the iceberg as he has Dan Cermak put on a dress, stuffs David Yee into a trash can and winds up trashing many offices on his way out before coming face-to-face with Kane (Joe Coogin - Evil Dictator) himself... only to ask for an autograph and even get a photo with him. The whole thing is a Narm fest with cartoony sound effects and the whole video becomes even funnier when WestWood missed the shipping date again. God (and maybe Kane) only knows what happened when Havoc paid a visit after that...
  • Renegade X's short "Black Dawn" campaign has a few amusing moments, particularly with MacFarland. One case being Havoc climbing up a guard tower to take down a Nod officer but he winds up being pinned down by constant chaingun fire, MacFarland decides to flush him out with a grenade but instead simply drops the grenade before striking it with the butt of his SPAS-12 like a golf ball, landing it in the tower and taking out the officer while Havoc dives off for safety.
    Havoc: Ow!
    MacFarland: Hole in one and I didn't even use a golf club!
    Havoc: You wanna watch what you're doing?!
  • Havoc learns that a voice on your left arm has it's downsides.
    EVA: Eliminating Nod SAM Sites allows GDI air forces to advance.
  • In Renegade X the rocket launcher has a label that reads "Do not point at Commanding Officer."