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Funny: Cat's Eye
The manga/anime
  • In one occasion the police jumped on a woman who they thought was one of the Cat's Eye. Her identity? Tsukasa Hojo. Who is also a man.
  • One job consisted in stealing a painting from a near-impenetrable bank vault with three gates (an external 20 cm-thick steel one, a middle grate in a super alloy and the main gate made with the super alloy). What did they do? First they sexed up Rui and sent her to deposit a fake heat-emitting gem in it to simulate a child trapped in it and being slowly killed by the vault being emptied of air to better preserve its content, then, disguised as a special police breaching team and helped by Kamiya, blowed the gates' hinges up (Kamiya called them maniacs while they dealt with the grate). But! The main gate was sucked in due the vacuum, and the police hammers are ineffective! Cue the bazooka. Finally the girls and Kamiya entered, brough out the painting in a stretcher disguised as the child, and left... While the police, Asatani included, cheered on them. Sealing the fun it's Toshio's reaction when he finally realizes Cat's Eye committed an heist before the police's watching eyes, and him running to chase them with the devastated vault in the background.
  • How did the police find out that Cat's Eye was a gang composed of women? Easy: in the first chapter Toshio managed to get the jump on Hitomi during a heist, and, while unable to see her face due to darkness, he accidentally groped her breast.
  • In one occasion, evidence of art smuggling had been hidden in a foreign embassy, with the ambassador, being the head smuggler, denying permission to inspect. Cue Toshio breaking in to steal the evidence, dressed as a ninja and followed by Hitomi in Cat's Eye garb cleaning all the mess he was doing and leading him to the evidence while commenting on his incompetence as a thief.
  • One-shot character Hiroki Yasuoka is the next secretary of Cat's Eye next victim, and looks exactly like Kamiya. Hilarity Ensues when Yasuoka is repeatly mistaken for Kamiya and gets heat for his wrongdoings and Kamiya is mistaken for Yasuoka and kidnapped, and even more when Kamiya escapes his kidnappers and stumbles in Yasuoka.
    • Also, Yasuoka's reaction at being kidnapped by Cat's Eye and kept away from his boss.
    "This is paradise..."
  • Toshio, Hirano and Takeuchi need money to buy Ai a christmas present. Hirano and Takeuchi's solution? Compliment Mitsuko until she's creeped out enough she gives them the money. With 20% interest, of course.
  • Most scenes of the one-shot villain Kaibara, whose City Hunter-worthy antics (even if Word of God says he's not the one who appeared in City Hunter) tormented the girls for all the time they were on his island.
    • An example above all: when he had captured the girls, he had Toshio enter the same room after announcing he has Cat's Eye there... Only for Toshio to run in a table due the special helmet he's wearing: everyone can see his face, but he can't see anything.
  • In one occasion, a bully who had been kicked in the balls by Hitomi arrived to the Cat's Eye cafe to get revenge, and, to scare her, started confessing a series of robberies and murders... While Hitomi and five of the six cops in the cafe ribbed him so he'll confess more crimes and the sixth searches for his wanted poster. And it wasn't the end: After they identify themselves and the following Oh, Crap moment, the bully produces a gun... At which point the sixth cop produces the magazine of his gun, that he stole with his train ticket earlier that day. A Gilligan Cut later, the now battered thief is being taken away by other cops who are calling him a moron.
  • Mitsuko once fell in love with Rui disguised as a man and started believing he was part of Cat's Eye and Rui's boyfriend.
  • Toshio's Negated Moment of Awesome in a boxing match between police stations: knowing he had a good punch but his foe was a former karate champion, Toshio charged to knock him out with a single punch... And was knocked out by his foe panicking and kicking him in the face.
  • A Panty Thief in the manga was discovered stealing only because he felt alone and being chased by the police helped him, and Hirano, Takeuchi and Kizaki let him go out of pity. At the end of the chapter the panty thief shows up at the Cat's Eye Cafe... Then produces a pair of stolen panties and asks the cops to chase him.
    • How did they bait him out? Easy: a girl working at the police's men dormitory loaned them her immense collection of lingerie to use as bait.
  • Kamiya accidentally eating the sapphire he just stole.
    • It started in the previous chapter. For the heist he needed a beautiful woman to she'd serve as distraction in the jewelry store, so he tried to pick up a gorgeous one at Harajuku... And discovered to his horror it was Ai, who was having a bet with Toshio that she would get picked up.
    • At the start of the chapter with the heist, he's still trying to pick up a girl. Who's his next target? Kizaki in a drag, who was watching the shop in disguise expecting some thief to target their giant sapphire.
    • With Rui's help, Kamiya managed to steal the sapphire and replace it with a fake, and left the shop with the booty in his mouth. Then he sees from behind a woman who seems to be Kizaki in drag watching the store, decides to pick 'her' up for fun... And, as stated above, ate the sapphire when the woman is revealed to be Asatani with a wig.
  • Toshio and Kizaki baiting a robber specialized in attacking couples... By faking being a couple themselves, Toshio being the man and Kizaki disguising himself as a strange-looking woman. They even started faking making out... At which point Hitomi, who had not been told about this, popped out and started a tirade, leading to passerbys believing Toshio was cheating on his girlfriend with a man. The punchline? Kizaki asking Toshio to try it again with Toshio crossdressing.
    • Gets funnier when you remember that Toshio had already crossdressed once and was downright sexy.
  • Once transferred to the special team devoted to catch Cat's Eye, Kizaki proposed a special strategy: using his angelic looks to charm Cat's Eye into surrender.
    • Cat's Eye reply to his plan? Hanging him to a balloon and shaving a stripe in his hair.
  • At one point the sisters allow the police to identify one of the Cat's Eye as looking right like Hitomi, only blonde and with green eyes, and Hitomi's antics as the blonde Cat's Eye are downright hilarious.
    • Kizaki's strategy to charm Cat's Eye into submission? It was Hitomi to hung him to a balloon after feigning falling for it.
    • Kizaki and Mitsuko organized a trap without the rest of the special team: Kizaki would be hidden in an armour and Mitsuko behind a one-way mirrored wall, ready to shoot Cat's Eye with a shock gun. Here's what happened when the blonde Cat's Eye showed up: she 'accidentally' placed the hat of her previous disguise over the armour, blocking Kizaki's sight; when Kizaki tried to remove it, she turned around, wondered why the hand had moved and dismissed it; acting like a Valley Girl, she knocked on the mirrored wall (thus realizing the trap) and took a very hard piece of art; when Mitsuko shot, she used the hard piece of art to deviate the electric bullet on Kizaki, throwing him out of the window and in a pool.
    • The Cat's Eye Special Capture Team was depressed due Cat's Eye having apparently retired. Cue the Blonde Cat's Eye walk in the police station from the main gate, give the squad a list of the next targets and destroy the floor to cover her escape.
    • In one occasion, she dressed up as a cop and gave Toshio a traffic ticket.
    • Also, Hitomi being jealous of the Blonde Cat's Eye. Who is trying to seduce Toshio into joining Cat's Eye. And the Blonde Cat's Eye being jealous of Hitomi. After a while Hitomi started wondering what the hell was wrong with herself...
  • In one manga chapter Hirano and Kizaki roped Unno in helping finding how Rui's ideal man looked like, resulting in an identikit... That is identical to Toshio. Rui says she just mixed random parts from people's faces, but given how she flirted with him in the past...
    • Hirano and Kizaki's reaction? They started dressing like Toshio and combing their hair like him.
  • According to Toshio, Hitomi is so sexy that he's almost perpetually horny when looking at her, but can calm his little friend by looking at other beautiful girls: they just don't compare, so his little friend returns to sleep. Ai and Mitsuko, being among their numbers, were not amused.
  • How does the Inunari Precint deal with violent drunkard? They put them in an holding cell with five dangerous murderers. The drunkards return sober and calm in a few seconds.
    • Later the precint was given a painting targeted by Cat's Eye for safekeeping. Knowing that Cat's Eye could easily enter their vault, they placed it in the holding cell.
  • Rui playing the Russian Roulette with a pervert. Rui knew that the gun would fire on the fourth pull of the trigger (she had spun the cylinder so it would stop in that position), but the pervert didn't... And got an heart attack when Rui cried "Bang!" as he was about to do the fourth pull. Then she grabbed the gun and shot it, with the pervert soiling himself.
  • During one heist Hitomi was escaping with a balloon from her backpack. Hirano was about to shoot her down... Cue Hitomi being recovered by a World War II residuate bomber piloted by Kamiya. Toshio's face it what sells it.
    • Also, Kamiya being thrust in the role of Only Sane Man, first when the girls recruited him as a pilot, then when he landed the plane in the girls' private golf club (the largest in Tokyo), and finally when Nagaishi and an horde of technicians dismantled the plane, jumped on the cars used to signal the landing area and left with the pieces, with a scheduled maintenance immediately starting to erase all traces of what had just happened.
    Kamiya: "Who the hell are you?!"
    Hitomi: "We're thieves."
  • In one occasion, Shige warned Hitomi she had erected a metaphorical wall between Toshio and herself. She immediately grabbed the hammer and brought down the wall between her room and Toshio's.
  • To save their face after falsely declaring they had many lovers, Hirano and Takeuchi swore they'd bring hard evidence to Hitomi. Except they don't have any female friend... And ask Mitsuko to leave lipstick marks on them. No cookie if you guess her answer.
    • Before that they had tried to have present them some of her friends, only for Mitsuko to reply that all her friends were married and Takeuchi to remark her status as a Christmas Cake. The following panel featured Takeuchi knocked out by a ball thrown at him by Mitsuko with a baseball bat, with Hirano acting as the catcher.
    • Their second attempt at getting some 'proof' was to trick a kitty into leaving hickeys on them. As the first attempt, it failed.
    • Their third attempt was to stamp kiss marks on each other. That worked... Except for Kizaki to stumble on them, jump at the obvious conclusion, and tell everything to the Kisugi sisters.
  • How did Kamiya and Asatani end up together? Well, due a misunderstanding Kamiya believed that Toshio and Hitomi just had a worse fight than usual, so he tried to court her, only for Hitomi to slap a bomb watch at his wrist and say it would explode in fifteen minutes unless they entered a code written on a matchbox... That, as Hitomi realized immediately after, had been grabbed by Asatani earlier that day. Cue Kamiya barging in Asatani's meeting to arrange a marriage, grab Asatani, punch out the perspective groom (that Asatani's father didn't like because he talked too much), and tell Asatani he needed her. Only after grabbing the matchbox and entering the code Kamiya realized he had just proposed to her in a most epic way and in front of Toshio, Takeuchi and Hirano (who were chasing him because he had exposed them while they were undercover to try and find out where Asatani was).
    • And the punchline? The reason Kamiya believed Toshio and Hitomi just had a fight was that Hitomi had stumbled on Toshio while he was undercover and he gave her a covert signal to ignore him because he was undercover, and Kamiya, spotting this, jumped at the wrong conclusion.
  • The Blonde Eye giving Toshio a parking ticket, causing Toshio to crash his car into the parked one of his boss.
  • Toshio's grandmother and her attempts at getting him to retire from the police and take over his mother's business: a women's underwear shop.
  • Toshio working in a dinosaur costume to help a former convict in keeping his job. And when he couldn't continue (he had been discovered for knocking out a crook with the costume's tail), Hitomi took over.
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