Funny / Bad Movie Beatdown


  • Film Brain Tries Mountain Dew:
    • The bottles have a luminous glow, so they have a lightsaber battle.
    • "You know its good when it warns you to drink it in moderation."
    • Then they pour it into a cup to see what color it is.
      Mathew: It's got a very yellow color like...piss.
      Braedon: It would be funny if I came out of the bathroom and was like, here you go!
      Mathew: Yes, thank you for the very carbonated piss you've got there.
      Braedon: I jumped up and down a lot.
    • Chris trying to decide what Mountain Dew tastes like.
      Mathew: But did you like it?
      Chris: I don't know! It tastes like sugar with a bit of something that I can't pinpoint. It says it's citrus but I don't really know what it tastes like. It tastes tastes like what I imagined carpets tasted like before I actually tried to eat the carpet.
      Mathew: It wasn't that bad!
      Chris: No when I was little I would look at the carpet and go "Mmm, that looks tasty"! Until the day I actually tried to eat it...
  • This exchange from the Fast 5 Projector review:
    Film Brain: I literally had to bribe someone to go see this film!
    Jon: I made twenty pounds! And it wasn't worth a single penny.
    Film Brain: What he said.
  • The Projector review of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked starts out with him talking in a chipmunk voice. As a bonus, he includes another video of the other TGWTG cast chipmunked.
  • Noting in his Projector review of The Sweeney how we're expected to like Regan because he's having an affair with the villain's wife:
    "Orrr, get in there, Regan! With your PENIS!"
  • Also:
    The only pre-tense to realism The Sweeny has, y'know, realism being an important part of that TV series, is sex scenes, two of them, with Ray Winstone. And that's not gritty realism, to be honest, that's just grim.
  • This gem from the Projector episode on Ironclad:
    Film Brain: The battle scenes are so fierce that I think I grew an extra set of testicles!
  • Another one of his live streams took place in the same house as several of his friends, who (to his dismay) where watching the stream in the next room and, somehow, getting a laugh out of the five second delay between him saying things in real life and saying them on the stream. Eventually they decided to crash into his room with nerf guns and mooning. As many people put it, "It's like a bad live action fanfic".
  • His livestream reaction to the Youtube video of the woman with the world's largest breasts. He had to log off temporarily