Tear Jerker / Bad Movie Beatdown

  • When he explains what inspired him to review Seven Pounds in the episode's commentary.
  • His sorrow for Japan in his 2012 part two review. He just sounded so tenderhearted and compassionate about the poor timing of his vid with the Tsunami that happened earlier that year.
  • The Stinger of 'The Reckoning', in which Film Brain and lordhebe part ways for university, resulted in multiple viewers admit tearing up a bit.
  • His cameo in Kyle's Milestone Celebration review of Melancholia. He starts out calling Kyle out for focusing too much on the science, making Kyle even more depressed then he was already, and upon realising what he's done, he immediately drops the jackass act and asks Kyle if he's OK. To make it even worse, he gets cut off by Kyle as he's trying to apologise.
  • In his 2016 retrospective video, he doesn't talk too much about the year's events due to him not wanting to talk about the numerous deaths of talented people.