Awesome / Bad Movie Beatdown

  • Film Brain's rant at the end of Seven Pounds deserves a spot on this list:
    "Now many people found this movie touching. I didn't. It struck a nerve. It's bad enough that the film is severely boring because it's obvious what is going on. It's bad enough that the movie is so morose and miserable. It's bad enough that it's pretentious tosh. It's bad enough that Will Smith himself is desperately Oscar Baiting by dialing back his signature charm to trace levels and acting as mopey as possible. No, my real issue is with the film's message. Tim's sacrifice at the end of the movie is celebrated and he's made a martyr. I'm sorry, but I find that profoundly worrying. The movie is literally saying that suicide is okay as long as you donate your organs. What the fuck kind of message is that?
    • The opening deserves a mention too:
    Hello and welcome to Bad Movie Beatdown, the controversial episode. Yep, it's that time of the series again, where once again I show that I have an opinion of my own.
    • Especially since, according to his commentary, he was afraid it would be "Equilibrium times ten," and still didn't hold back.
    • And in the commentary, he reveals that someone in his family committed suicide, so doing the review was very hard for him and he worried he was too close to the material to make it a good video, on top of his fear of the film's fans. Doing the commentary also allows him to let out the rage he was holding back on during filming, and you can hear genuine anger as he brings up how Will Smith's character has had a better life than him and could do so much more than save seven people if he lived, finishing with "He has NO RIGHT!"
      • Specifying further, just admitting the personal nature of the review to his viewers took serious guts.
      • It was rewarded. The Internet Backdraft he expected didn't happen, and when they met in Reno, Doug told him he'd not only liked the review but changed his opinion of the movie!
    • Just the fact he took away all the positives he could from the divisive Equilibrium fiasco, learning everything he could from the experience and intervening videos, so his next controversial review was not only much better-handled in general, but also better-argued to the point where he was met not with backlash but polite dissent. That shows some serious character.
    • In the commentary, he calls out the writer for not bothering to do the two minutes of research it took him to find out that Will Smith's character's plan would fail because box jellyfish are cardiotoxic and would damage the heart he intends to leave to the Love Interest.
  • Given that he has a fraction of the budget and equipment, the Doctor Who-style opening credits for crossover review of The Spirit are really good.
  • "I think I'd better take that down." At the end of his Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review, he tears down the Transformers poster that had been hanging on his wall from the very start.
  • Pretty much highjacking into Spoony's review of the 2010 Tekken film, by declaring him a new challenger. And given the hate between the two characters, it makes it more awesome for Film Brain to one up Spoony.
  • The combined Bad Movie Beatdown/Obscurus Lupa Presents opening credits for the Hercules in New York crossover is pretty awesome.
    • As is the credits meshing of BMB and Todd in the Shadows in their crossover review of The Asylum's Sunday School Musical, complete with Todd covering the theme song on his keyboard. Epic.
  • He really tears into The Condemned, explaining at length why it doesn't work, how badly it failed, and just how reprehensible the results are. This includes pointing out the Broken Aesop of the movie.
    • Not to mention that he destroys one scene where a reporter calls out the Big Bad for not thinking of the children, explaining why that trope is stupid as hell and even sides with the villain in the argument. And this leads into him pointing out the Broken Aesop.
      "Won't someone please Think of the Children!!", screams Helen Lovejoy.
    • Also his Precision F-Strike before he points out how hypocritical the anti media violence message is by pointing out it was made by Lionsgate (famous for producing the Saw series) and the WWE (A wrestling company) and the fact that the marketing for the movie was built around its violence.
    • The irony in that is even better from the WWE standpoint; when WWE was in the Attitude Era (known for rampant sex and violence), they mocked the Parents Television Council by trotting out the Right to Censor.
    • Calling out the bracelets for not only being a rip-off of the Battle Royale collars, but also for making every fight scene in the film practically anti-climatic.
  • The opening of the crossover for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Oancitizen. Usually, crossovers feature a variation Film Brain's opening. This one features Oancitizen's theme with a mixture of clips from their respected intros.
  • The rant against Vince Vaughn for the homophobic slur in The Dilemma. Film Brain calls out the Small Name, Big Ego nature of it, since Vaughn was the producer of the movie, and no one could tell him to "reign it in." He also mocks Vaughn for putting the slur as the first line of the trailer (before it was re-cut), and notes that, in-universe, using "gay" as an insult when you're a business man making a pitch would be career suicide.
    Film Brain: We certainly don't believe him or Kevin James to be businessmen, because if you actually said that in a pitch meeting, your arse would hit the pavement before you closed your mouth!
  • His utter explosion when The Cavern ends midway through a rape scene. He pulls no punches and declares the film outright unwatchable. Granted it was already literally unwatchable since there was little to no lighting in any scene and had an eyesore of a color tint throughout, but that ending was the final nail in the coffin.
    "And I can say, without hesitation, that this film can go and FUCK ITSELF!"
    • He also calls out one of the characters for pulling off the Let's Split Up, Gang trope on an injured guy.
  • For Breaking Wind, his decision not to review Twilight as he views it as "flogging a dead horse" and his disgust at the movie for using actual footage of Twilight fans for the purpose of mocking them, especially singling out the infamous Nuttymadam3575, who he seriously believed to have a condition. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • In the The Hangover Part II review, blasting the film's casual homophobia, transphobia and its tendency to not only rehash the events of the first film (to the point where you can actually compare the two side by side) but also managed to derail the characters and make them more like jerkasses. Just goes to show that despite not liking the film at first, he at least cared enough to show where its sequel went wrong.
  • Film Brain tearing the hell out of Project X and his utter disdain for Costa during the review.
  • Ripping I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry apart for its hypocrisy. Like most of the other movies he's riffed on, he calls out the movie for the characters' questionable decisions and even suggested to the titular duo to sue the fire department for workplace discrimination and to defend their case of Chuck sleeping with tons of girls with them claiming bisexual open marriage, calling out the movie for not even bothering to mention bisexuality and instead focus on the double standard of Girl-on-Girl Is Hot.
  • Similarly to the Project X review, him ripping Just Go With It to shreds for its horrid protagonist, misplaced morals, obnoxious child characters, lack of realizing what the source movie was about... frankly its wonderful for anyone who's sick of comedy protagonists who are truly despicable and yet supposedly lovable.
  • His Jack and Jill review starts with him explaining how extremely rare identical twins of opposite genders are, with the female usually turning out underdeveloped, and why the premise for the film therefore doesn't work. In about two minutes, Film Brain has done more research than anyone involved in the film's production.
  • A meta one for both him and Todd in the Shadows. Their joint review of Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel was mentioned on the Wikipedia article for the movie.
  • His visible and vocal disgust with The Devil Inside for using a Satan-induced period as a cheap gross-out gag: spraying the menstrual blood of a possessed woman at the camera for shock value and demonizing a basic biological function that already has enough misguided social stigma attached to it in any case:
  • The amount of research that Mathew does before each review is pretty amazing in and of itself.
  • His early review of Parting Shots displays a righteous contempt towards the film's endorsement of rough justice.
  • In Cobra, where after the villain says, "But the law is civilized. Isn't it? Pig.", Stallone responds, "But I'm not. This is where the law stops, and I start." and Film Brain rebuts with "Hooray for ethically questionable right wing bullshit!"
  • In his review of This Means War!, he criticizes Reese Witherspoons choice to portray a character without any kind of common sense, even though she should be doing much better than this.
    Reese Witherspoon has an Oscar! She should have more dignity than this!