Heartwarming / Bad Movie Beatdown

  • When Film Brain made his review of Seven Pounds, he feared that he would get a backlash similar to Equilibrium. The fact that the backlash didn't happen, especially when you consider what inspired him to do it is heartwarming in itself.
  • Film Brain delayed his review of 2012 in the light of the Japanese Tsunami. He had even edited out a joke during the scene involving the death of a Japanese family and made it clear that he only included the Japanese tidal wave scene because it's part of the movie.
  • He regularly pimps his coworkers on twitter for at least three days in a row whenever their videos appear on the site.
  • At the end of the Reckoning Day review, Film Brain mentions lordhebe is off to university. Their farewell is very sweet.
    Film Brain: Que sera, sera...whatever will be, will be...
  • This Tweet.
  • After furiously tearing The Cavern apart for ending partway through a rape scene, he calms down and bids his viewers a happy and safe Halloween. note 
  • Film Brain and The Rap Critic cheerfully hanging out before the review of Set Up. You can see that they're genuinely enjoying the chat, and it feels like Mathew is just reciting how he pitched the crossover in the first place.
  • Defending fans of the Twilight series from the exceptionally mean spirited ending credits of Breaking Wind: Part 1. Even Matt felt it was cruel and him defending it despite his own hatred of the series is both this and a moment of awesome.
  • Despite Mat's dislike of the DCEU (barring Wonder Woman (2017)), he gave out condolences towards Zack Snyder for his daughter's suicide.