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Funny: Bad Movie Beatdown 2014 Episodes

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    Texas Chainsaw 3 D 

    Total Recall (2012) 
  • In the movie, the only two nations are The United Federation of Britain and Australia, dubbed The Colony, leading to:
    Film Brain: Good news British imperialists, give it another century or so and we'll have our colonies back and we'll put the Great in Great Britain again. (singing) Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves."
    • Even funnier when you notice that Mathew goes completely out of tune.
  • Taking a phone call on his hand:
    Film Brain: Yello! Yeah, I'm talking to you on my hand, mate! Isn't it great? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yep. I'm going to get the new model next week, but with everything! I should have the use of my fingers back in about a month.
  • When discussing the film's overuse of Lens Flares, Film Brain's room suddenly becomes filled with them.
    Film Brain: Look Ma, I'm in the future! Ooh, sparkles!

    This Means War 
  • Every single joke lampshading the Ho Yay between Tuck and FDR.
    FDR: Hey, man. So, I'm a little worried. You haven't returned my calls for, like, an hour. So just give me a call if you're okay, okay? I said "okay", like, five times. Okay.
    Film Brain (as FDR): Hey, you'd better not be with a woman I warned you about, those creatures! Maybe you could come over to my place. Hang out, watch some TV together... (dreamily) crash out on the sofa... (defensively) I'M NOT GAY! (flips his eyes around to recede back into a stoic mode.)
    • Earlier:
    Tuck (talking about an old married couple): Can you imagine what that would be like? To share with a woman?
    FDR: No.
    Film Brain (as FDR): (nervously) Why can't you share that level of commitment with me? Your partner— (quickly) I mean at work, at work. DUDE, I'M NOT GAY!
  • FB enjoying the fact the film apparently thinks England hasn't progressed past sweatshops, leading to this:
    Film Brain: (a child coughing is heard) GET BACK TO WORK, CHIMNEY SWEEP, OR I'LL ONLY GIVE YOU HALF A SHILLING!
  • Rated PG-13 for Dirty Man Stink!

    Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace 

    The Love Guru 
  • On all the penis jokes: "You know, just once, instead of scribbling yet another penis joke onscreen, I'd like to see a vagina gag instead! You know, mix things up, equal opportunity and all that! The opening for it was right there!" (softly) "I'm so sorry, please forgive me!"

  • The opening twenty-five seconds gets this episode off to a good start:
    Film Brain: Hey, I hear you're on Channel Awesome now!
    Ursa: Oh, hey. Yeah, I even got the Linkara welcome wagon. You look familiar. Did I try to kill you during Nerdquest?
    Film Brain: I knew you vaguely remember me! And what better excuse to re-team for a crossover, then?

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