Funny / Alfred J. Kwak

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     Episode 1 
  • Johan in general. Even if he is well-meaning, there's no denying he's an utter goofball.
    • His reaction to Henk telling him he should get married. "But.. you're so married when you marry!"
    • His first meeting with his wife-to-be, Anna. He's so nervous and flustered that after introducing himself, he immediately runs the hell away in the opposite direction and doesn't stop until well after a minute.
      Johan: Yes... Hello... I'm flower, nice of you to bring Johan...
    • The next morning, Johan wakes up and goes to the lake to wash himself... by dipping his finger down into the water and splashing a few drops across his face. When he then hears Anna singing nearby, he runs back to the lake and thoroughly scrubs his face and teeth to make himself somewhat presentable.
    • When Johan goes to talk to Anna, she's approached by a yuppie duck who invites her to play tennis with him, until he's interrupted by another duck on a motorcycle. While they proceed to duke it out over who gets to be with Anna, Johan simply steps in and sweeps her off her feet himself.
    • The entire chase sequence where Johan shows he's a true Papa Wolf as he tries to get back the egg stolen by a hungry eagle, right down to climbing down a large fish's throat when the egg falls into a lake.
  • Darkly funny: Johan tempts fate when he tells the newly-born Alfred not to wander off, and that the clog they live in is the safest place to be. Cue the giant bulldozers and construction vehicles that tear up the ground from beneath them where they stand.
  • While the rest of his family is asleep, Alfred wanders off at night to explore the newly constructed theme park. There, he's so startled by a mechanical gorilla that he starts screaming, and spontaneously learns how to speak.
    Alfred: Hey! That's my voice! AAAAHHHH!
    • Then, when he figures out that the gorilla is just a dummy, Alfred leans back relaxed... right into the switch that turns the gorilla on. As the gorilla starts to move, Alfred runs back home screaming.
     Episode 2 
  • Pikkie's introduction. He shows Ollie a silver spoon that he wants to give to Alfred as a birthday present, but he briefly loses himself as he stares at it in wonder and remarks that it's "sparkling a thousand times brighter than the sun!"
    Ollie: Why, thank you, Pikkie!
    Pikkie: Huh? Oh, I wasn't talking to you!
  • During the tour of the king's castle, Alfred stops to stare at one of the royal guardsmen, who remains completely motionless. Alfred determines that it's "probably just a dummy"... until the guard suddenly sneezes, startling Alfred good.
  • Even if it's unsettling to see poor little Alfred get thrown into prison, there's still an amusing visual gag in seeing a tiny duck get clamped to a giant iron ball that's several times bigger than himself, to the point that the shackle wraps around his entire lower body.
     Episode 3 
  • After being told that he's likely going to be executed for his crimes, Alfred replies "And I was born only recently, too..."
  • As Krabnagel descends upon Henk to try and eat him, Henk grabs a banana from the picnic basket he brought for Alfred and brandishes it like a gun.
    Henk: Stop or I'll shoot!
    • Krabnagel, of course, isn't intimidated in the least and just snatches the banana from him, thanking him for the snack.
  • The king's son has no interest in succeeding his father. When asked what he instead wants to become when he grows up, he excitedly replies, "A space pirate!"
     Episode 4 
  • Henk remarks on how unusual it is for a son to be bigger than his father. Alfred, cheeky rascal, says in response how unusual it is for a father to be smaller than his son.
     Episode 5 
  • The entire chase sequence between Henk and Krabnagel, with the little mole repeatedly outwitting the huge cat, and ending with Krabnagel sinking through a frozen lake and freezing solid.
     Episode 6 
  • Hannes' initial reaction to the elephant pills, causing him to start glowing red, and promptly run a lap at the speed of sound, before pulling off the same feat on his bicycle.
  • The Running Gag of the elephant customer trying repeatedly to squeeze through the doorway into the pharmacy, even breaking the door entirely at one point. By the end, he lampshades it by exasperatedly saying "I hope this is the last time I have to squeeze myself through that door."
  • When handed the gun used to signal the start of the race, the king asks if it's loaded with live rounds, only to be told that it's loaded with blanks instead. He flatly replies "How boring."
  • Then comes the final scene of the episode. After winning the race, Hannes stands triumphantly on the podium... and the side-effects of the pills kick in as he swells up to the size of an elephant, and his beak grows as long as an elephant's trunk. As everyone gazes in shock, Hannes finally realizes what's going on, and accidentally proceeds to knock over the king and the school teacher just by turning his head, all the while crying out "What's happening to my nose?!"
     Episode 7 
  • Igor/Peter, a Minion with an F in Evil if there ever were one, thanks to his poor sense of direction, Paper-Thin Disguise and constant stuttering.
  • Alfred's first attempt at climbing the mast goes less than stellar due to his fear of heights. When he does finally reach the crow's nest, he's so dizzy that he falls out and climbs back down by his flippers.
     Episode 8 
  • The entire battle between Alfred and Lispel is slapstick at its finest. Alfred tries to fend Lispel off with an oar, while he counters with five of them, one for each tentacle. As Lispel flees into the galley, he attacks Alfred by spraying water at him from several hoses, and Alfred promptly counters with a whole bunch of fire extinguishers, covering the entire area in white foam. Finally, they run back outside, and Lispel throws Alfred around with his Combat Tentacles, only for Alfred to end the fight by tying his tentacles to the masts.
     Episode 9 
     Episode 10 
  • The two guardsmen on the flying carpet have absolutely no idea how to operate it, which results in a lot of slapstick-y scenes as they hold on for dear life while the carpet tries to fly off without them.
    • This all comes to a head when they take off, and both of the guards shout "that way!" while pointing in different directions, causing the carpet to go haywire and throw them off, forcing them to run after it.
    • Later, they finally find Alfred just as he and Dolf open the bottle and release the genie. The two immediately cover their eyes with the carpet, cowering in fear.
  • Alfred's entire Imagine Spot as he wonders what might be inside the bottle, right down to acting out everything that he imagines to himself. Dolf, who is watching from nearby, rightly wonders whether Alfred just suddenly lost his mind.
  • Dolf, greedy bastard that he is, immediately steps up and admits to the genie that he opened the bottle, hoping for a big reward... only for the genie to reveal that he intends to eat him. Dolf then points out that, technically, he only held the bottle while Alfred opened it, and so the genie goes for him instead. Now off the hook, Dolf immediately runs away as fast as his little legs can carry him while Alfred cries for help.
  • When Alfred discovers the evil genie's weakness to light, he repeatedly shoves a lantern in his face to force him back inside the bottle. As the genie finally is about to disappear for good, Alfred suddenly pulls the lantern back, and the genie comes right back out... until Alfred immediately shoves the lantern back in his face again, and forces him back in the bottle for good. That's right, this little duck just trolled a millenia-old, immortal, omnipotent being of pure evil, and got away with it.
  • After Alfred finally overcomes the genie, the two guardsmen approach him on their flying carpet, which freaks Alfred out something fierce since he dismissed the flying a carpet as just a hallucination before. As they praise him for his efforts, Alfred responds by fainting on the spot.
     Episode 11 
  • The very first shot of the episode is Alfred pulling faces in a mirror. When he soon greets Henk at the door while making the same face, Henk just wonders if he has stomach cramps or something.
  • On his way to the circus, Alfred practices his clown act by bouncing around in a silly manner for a random passer-by.
  • What kind of wild animals does a circus have in a world that is populated entirely by intelligent animals? Why, a wild human, of course!
  • During his act, Alfred isn't getting a good reaction from the crowd... until the human breaks free from his cage and starts following him around, imitating everything he does. It takes a while for Alfred to realize what is happening.
    Alfred: They're laughing! ...They're laughing?
     Episode 12 
  • Henk takes Serious Business to a whole new level while playing chess with Alfred. He thinks so long and hard about his moves, that he doesn't even seem to notice Alfred falling asleep, nor does he care that Alfred just takes his White Queen off the chessboard; instead he's just utterly shocked that Alfred somehow managed to capture the queen without him noticing.
  • While Dolf enjoys a nice meal and discusses his future plans with Hannes and Wannes, the latter two prove to have some seriously one-track minds.
    Dolf: Do you have any idea what I might be thinking about right now?
    Wannes: I know! "This sole is delicious!" Did I get it right?
    Dolf: Well, yes, it is quite tasty, but that's not what I was referring to.
    Hannes: Then you were probably in deep thought about what we'd like to eat right now.
    • Eventually, Dolf relents and orders some food for them, and asks again what he's thinking about.
      Hannes: You're probably thinking about what to eat toni-
  • When facing Krabnagel, the Chess Queen steps up and challenges him to eat her. Krabnagel is all too happy to oblige, only for the Chess Queen to spontaneously transform back into a chess piece just as he tries to bite down, causing him to break all of his teeth.
     Episode 13 
  • Dolf pretending to be the perfect gentleman when first meeting the Chess Queen. He's so slimy it's a wonder she doesn't catch on.
  • When Alfred storms Dolf's home with all of the white chess pieces in tow, Dolf makes a run for it and glides out of a window. Alfred leaps after him, but finds his own wings won't carry him as he ungracefully plummets to the ground.
     Episode 14 
     Episode 15 
  • K. Rokodil happily dancing around his office as he talks about how rich he and his wife will soon become.
  • Wiedewiedewagen, the sawfish, steals the episode thanks to his outrageous, Totally Radical accent and rocking Leitmotif.
     Episode 17 
  • Alfred's reaction to tasting the marbo fruit, when he finds that, to his displeasure, its sweet scent is offset by its incredibly sour taste.
     Episode 18 
  • Alfred tempts fate when, while he and Henk are uneventfully drifting on the ocean, he wishes something exciting would happen. Cue a hungry squid rising up out of the water who tries to eat them.
    Henk: Alfred, never say that again!
    • After they then get rid of it by feeding it some of the space food they got from the aliens in the previous episode, Alfred says he wishes they could get some music, prompting the squid to reappear and offer to play something for them. When Alfred refuses, the squid makes him keep his word by forcefully dragging him down to the bottom of the ocean and forcing him to listen. Much later, Alfred finally resurfaces covered head to toe in squid ink and none too happy about it. Henk's schadenfreude at the whole situation is just priceless.
    Henk: How was the squid music?
    Alfred: Beautiful!
    Henk: That's great! And look at that, your face is totally covered in ink! You must've had a good time!
    Henk: Better watch out, he'll make you keep your word! He'll make you keep your word! [laughs]
  • All of Professor Paljas' antics in trying to get the whale translator to work, particularly with his assistants constantly taking the brunt of him shouting into the microphone when they're standing next to the speaker.
    • Even funnier: when they do get the machine to work and translate a recorded whale song, what do the whales say?
    "I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm hungry."
    • Paljas' reaction is just sheer exasperation... until he realizes that the machine does work.
     Episode 19 
  • Alfred admits he's making up the plan to stop the whaler ship as he goes along.
Alfred: "I'll just sneak aboard and ask them for a cup of coffee, or soup, or something!"
     Episode 22 
When Alfred opens the door, Dolf just comes in and kisses him.