Headscratchers / Alfred J. Kwak

  • You know that thing that lifts Alfred up from the elephant's back in the intro? What WAS that thing?
    • Judging from its skull-like face, it might very well be the embodiment of Death, who is apparently constantly hovering over Alfred on his perilous adventures.
  • Episode one: if Henk the mole is blind, how could he knew that there are 7 eggs in the nest without touching them first?
    • He is not blind, merely somewhat sensitive to light: hence the sunglasses.
    • Another one from the first episode: When a blackbird and a crow are scrutinizing the eggs of Johan and Anna they give several sniding remarks about them. At one point the crow says the eggs are proably plain wind-eggs. Considering it is a crow saying this and he would judge the eggs from his own viewpoint, wind-eggs are common amongst crows.
  • Just what kind of animals are the castle guards supposed to be? They all have grey, warty skin, and seem to all have different mixed-and-matched animal body parts. Some kind of inbred mutants, perhaps?
  • Why would Alfred keep bringing Pikkie on trips that involve priceless glittering objects - even after the many times he's proven unable to keep his magpie-ness under control?
    • Actually, all the Pikkie incidents we know off (until the thing with the pot of gold) happend in his childhood. He is later not shown causing trouble, actually, he is shown handling diamonds at his job and not getting particularily crazy about them. So, the thing with the pot of gold does come as a relative surprise for the characters.