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Headscratchers: Alfred J. Kwak
  • You know that thing that lifts Alfred up from the elephant's back in the intro? What WAS that thing?
    • Judging from its skull-like face, it might very well be the embodiment of Death, who is apparently constantly hovering over Alfred on his perilous adventures.
  • Episode one: if Henk the mole is blind, how could he knew that there are 7 eggs in the nest without touching them first?
    • He is not blind, merely somewhat sensitive to light: hence the sunglasses.
    • Another one from the first episode: When a blackbird and a crow are scrutinizing the eggs of Johan and Anna they give several sniding remarks about them. At one point the crow says the eggs are proably plain wind-eggs. Considering it is a crow saying this and he would judge the eggs from his own viewpoint, wind-eggs are common amongst crows.
  • Just what kind of animals are the castle guards supposed to be? They all have grey, warty skin, and seem to all have different mixed-and-matched animal body parts. Some kind of inbred mutants, perhaps?
  • Why would Alfred keep bringing Pikkie on trips that involve priceless glittering objects - even after the many times he's proven unable to keep his magpie-ness under control?
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