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Fridge: Zero Punctuation
Fridge Brilliance
  • Peteman: I didn't realize this at first but during Yahtzee's Webcomics evisceration, when he tells prospective Webcomic failures about girlfriend templates, he was talking about authors desiring an incestuous relationship with their mothers.
  • The ending of the Zero Punctuation review of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X features Yahtzee and one of the imps holding up signs featuring It Was His Sled moments. This Troper was confused for a while about why he did that, and then found the point in the middle of the video where he says "I'm going to give away some spoilers, so if you're that bothered, stick your head in a bucket 'till the generic metal starts up." It still took a few moments to get the connection. - Shotgun Ninja
  • In the review of Split/Second:Velocity Croshaw stated (via a metaphor) that he is good at oral sex, but doesn't like it. Seems like a typical "I'm awesome" joke, but later I stumbled upon his blog. He's asexual.

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