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Drinking Game: Zero Punctuation
  • The most basic one: Take a drink any time there's a pause in Yahtzee's dialog. Teetotalers will be pleased.
  • From his earlier vids: Take a drink if the intro/outro song is one you've never heard before. Two drinks if you HAVE heard it before.
  • Take a sip any time Yahtzee compares a game's combat system to that of God of War.
  • Take a drink whenever he complains about Quick-Time Events. Your liver will hate you.
  • Take a sip whenever he calls/claims something is "ironic".
  • Take a drink whenever he takes a jab at Nintendo. Two if it's specifically at either the Wii or the Mario franchise.
  • During his Brink review, follow his Drinking Game rules (i.e. take a shot every time he mentions Team Fortress 2) even if you aren't a fan of Brink. Because why should they be the only ones to get shitfaced?
  • Take a shot whenever "The Deadpan Face" (you know the one) shows up. Prepare to die of alcohol poisoning.
  • Take a swig whenever the phrase "Triple-Cunted Hooker" shows up.
  • Take a drink whenever he makes a homoerotic joke. Two if he follows it up with "Not gay!"
  • Take a drink whenever he claims that a rather bland name is the cause of the Crack Down Naming Committee.
  • The following are only for those that can really hold their liquor:
  • Take a drink whenever he takes a potshot at America. Have someone on hand to inevitably drive you to the hospital.
  • Take a drink whenever he mentions Branston Pickle, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and/or Ferrero Rochers.
  • Take a drink whenever he takes a potshot at George Lucas, Peter Molyneux, or Hideo Kojima.
  • Take a drink whenever he compares a Survival Horror game to Silent Hill 2. You may need a liver transplant afterwards.
  • Take a shot whenever he mentions Your Mom. Two shots if he's "seducing" her.
  • For those that love danger: Take a shot whenever he uses a bizarre metaphor. You should probably leave this rule out for the first few times to build up your tolerance.
  • Take a drink whenever Yahtzee says the name of a game wrong.
  • Take a drink whenever he refers to a fantasy land by putting up a sign for a British town.
  • For the immortals, take a drink every time he swears.
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