Trivia: Zero Punctuation

  • Accidentally Accurate: In his review of Diablo III he decried the use of procedurally-generated dungeons, comparing it to a book with randomly ordered chapters: "If a book randomly rearranged its chapters with every read, then every chapter would have its characters doing fuck all, because the plot wouldn't make sense otherwise. So the end result will always be a fucking boring book." Someone actually did write such a book, in which the chapters are unbound and can be read in any order, and true enough, nothing much happens in any given chapter. It's open to debate whether the end result is a boring book however.
  • Deliberate Flaw Retcon: He's been known to do this on behalf of games he's particularly fond of, such as arguing that the clunky, awkward combat in the Silent Hill series aids in building the atmosphere and tension.
  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: In contrast to the witty, fast talking personality he has on the show, Croshaw is actually a socially awkward introvert. He even specifically requests that fans not approach him if they recognize him, as he is uncomfortable with interacting with his fans.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: invoked He never even heard of Marth before playing Brawl, and based on his other reviews, shouting "Fire Emblem" (or "Fire Emblem Akaneia", which is where Marth actually debuted) loud enough near him will cause his brain to explode.
  • One of Us:
    • Obviously considering he's a video game critic, but he's also been known to throw around the sort of terminology you normally only see on This Very Wiki (Genre Deconstruction for example). Who knows, he might even be a user.
    • He has directly referred to this wiki in his Let's Drown Out series.
  • Wiki Rule: Yes, seriously.