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Fridge: W.I.T.C.H.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In Z is for Zenith, I was already given a moment to swoon over Matt's sexy, enraged delivery of "Why can't they come back?!" when the girls have transformed into their elemental forms. Upon further consideration though, I realized that among other things, Matt's rage was entirely justified not only because his beloved girlfriend was turned into a corporeal mass of lightning along with her friends, but because the entire situation happened at Nerissa's suggestion. From her fantasy inside the crystal, it was clear she'd intended to once again use people, against their will to further her plans. Matt, who'd already been made a pawn in her schemes, was probably ready to tear the bitch a new one. Nerissa was pretty lucky she ended up trapped in that crystal after all.
  • In the cartoon Phobos fell for Will's plan to make him lose the powers taken from Nerissa by having him swear on the Heart of Kandrakar to not use them for himself and then trick him into walking to Kandrakar in arms, but Cedric saw through it since the beginning. I was just surprised as anyone that Cedric had deduced exactly what Will's plan was, but then I realized: it's based on an oath. Something that Cedric is an expert of, being the resident Consummate Liar (the comic book even called him 'The Prince of Lies' in more than one occasion) and a book lover and oaths are based on the words he's a master of. Of course he knew exactly what would happen if Phobos swore that oath!
    • Phobos took a few moments before swearing that oath. He was relying on Cedric to warn him if there was any danger. Too bad that Cedric was already plotting against him...
  • It is somewhat ironic that the redhead Will Vandom is the leader of a group called WITCH. Back in the middle ages, redheads were often considered witches.
  • Why didn't Cornelia object to Will being Elyon' s regent in "Q is for Quarry"? I was expecting her to say she was best suited because she was Elyon' s best friend. But, she made no remark or sarcastic expression at all. Why? Because she remembered her temporary power upgrade in "N is for Narcissist". She didn't say anything because she knew that it would probably sound hypocritical. And she was also hoping that Will might've also remembered the incident.
  • The Oracle might choose a Guardian based on their magical lineage based on the five elements. Hay Lin is the granddaughter of the previous Air Guardian and Cornelia is the older sister of the Heart of Earth.
  • Cartoon-verse: the reveal in O is for Obedience that Julian and the Mage were lovers who had a son (Caleb) together, and then that the Mage was actually Nerissa in disguise.
    • It began in F is for Facades, when the Mage tells Julian:
    Mage: He has a fine father.
    Julian: And a fine mother as well.
    *cue the two of them smiling at each other*
    • And then, in N is for Narcissist, when Luba reveals that the Mage was not the Mage at all, there is a close-up to Julian's downcast face.
  • Cartoon-verse: Will was one that gave Napoleon (the Hale's pet cat) to Lillian. A few episodes later, it was revealed that Lillian is the Heart of Earth and Napoleon is her Familiar. Will, the leader of WITCH brought Naploen to Lillian, who is technically a witch herself.
  • In "J is for Jewel", Phobos referred to Hay Lin as the "weakest link". At first I though he was just being his usual Jerkass self and was attempting to crush Hay Lin's spirits, but then I later on realized what he meant: Hay Lin is the Guardian of Air, and the element of air is considered the weakest of all five elements. So, that's what Phobos actually meant.
  • At the end of the comic book, the Guardians receives another power up that includes increases senses: Will can see everything she wants, Hay Lin can hear anything, etc. Thing is, these are the same power of the Oracle divided among them.

Fridge Horror

  • In the comic the 'elemental' power of the Keeper originates from bonds, and manifests as energy blasts. It doesn't seem dangerous... Until you bring this notion to the logical extreme: the Keeper of the Heart has absolute power over the bonds of matter and energy. With enough control she could produce a lot of gold out of thin air, disrupting world economy, produce weapon-grade uranium out of anything, make things explode, or make anything disappear! Thankfully Will doesn't seem inclined, even if she has realized it during the New Power arc... But Nerissa not only was inclined, she already did it to Cassidy! All of sudden the utter terror everyone in Kandrakar had of her and the notion that its walls would be useless against Nerissa when they did hold back Will and her group make an horrible sense...
  • Did Tony Vandom (in the cartoons) send his daughter a birthday card or even call her in the episode "Happy Birthday, Will"? Susan did reveal that he disappeared for months. So the possibility is there.
    • Since the Tony in the show isn't a Jerkass like he was in the comics, a question remains: Why did he disappear for months?
      • Who's to say he isn't? He seemed to be encouraging Will to shun her responsibilities in "N is for Narcissist." Maybe he's trying to appear more amiable than Susan so he convince Will to go along with whatever he recommends?
  • When Will was kidnapped by Phobos and not rescued by the others until the next day, was Susan Vandom freaking out because her daughter didn't come home?
  • In the comics it's implied Nerissa was "destined" to be corrupted BY the Heart of Kandrakhar. Will worries that she herself may become corrupted several times. If destiny says so, then who's to say she won't be?
    • It wasn't that Nerissa was destined per se, but that Keepers of the Heart have to be more careful to not be corrupted by the absolute power that the Heart entails. Nerissa heart wasn't strong enough, Will is.

Fridge Logic

  • Nerissa gives a few hints to Julian about having posed as the Mage, and he promptly goes to the Falls, to look for a grave there. Which means that he already knew there was a grave there? How could he not suspect anything, then?
    • She says to him, "Remember Magenzian Falls?" The flashback showed that that was a place they had gone together before; she sent him there to find the grave so he could figure out what happened.
  • Cassidy is Back from the Dead, and reunited with her mother, but she's the twentysomething she was when she died, now. How does that work? Yan Lin's clone aged to match Yan Lin's age, Cassidy did not. Is she going to tell people she found the fountain of youth now?
    • The aging thing might be different because Mira (Yan Lin's clone) was originally an Astral Drop, but Cassidy wasn't.
    • She's probably going to claim to be a relative that "kinda" looks like Cassidy.

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