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Fridge Brilliance:

  • The conversation about jellyfish at the start of the manga proper is actually about Negi, explaining how he could have died in the No Asuna!Timeline and this timeline - his mastery of Magia Erebea rendered him immortal, and unable to die by illness or age, but not invincible, or unable to die by sufficient injury. Naturally, this hints that there is, in fact, a Big Bad of some sort that did said killing, on the basis that death by injury typically has an injurer in this genre (probably related to the death of the parents, as car crashes usually don't involve being nailed to the ground with swords). All conveyed via metaphor and implication that the characters don't even know the relevance of. It also has to do with the fact that Touta is literally a clone of Negi, split off from him in order to retain his powers while having a different personality, much like a Jellyfish's Asexual reproduction.
  • Jinbei refers to the Gravity Blade as being made by "a certain evil mage" and stored in his house underneath the headquarters. Later however, it is said to have been made to help anyone connected to 3-A, which was Negiís class in the previous series. Why is there a house belonging to an evil magic-user inside UQ Holderís cavern? Because it belongs to Albireo Imma/Ku:Nel Sanders, a user of gravity magic and of the few people who can call Yukihime "Kitty". And confirmed as of chapter 129.
  • Touta having Magic Cancel alongside Magia Erebea is foreshadowed in the cover of the chapter 27 which shows Touta standing in front of Negi and Nagi with two similar symbols to his right and to his left with the only difference being one is white and the other is black. these symbols represent the two magics inside him which are both connected to the LifeMaker yet have opposite powers.
  • Touta being a descendant of Negi, yet unable to use magic naturally. Sound like anyone else from the parent series. Say, maybe Chao?
  • Karin is revealed to be Judas Iscariot, Jesus's betrayer which would apparently be incompatible with her immortality being a gift of God; however, remember the story of Cain and Abel: after he killed his brother, God made him walk the Earth with a mark to protect him from harm, so the same can be assumed from Karin's immortality; there is also another degree of importance in her blessing: amongst the Christian (Catholic) sacraments, there exists the sacrament of Penitence, by which one is forgiven by God of all his sins, but also has to do deeds in order to achieve his redemption from those sins; by giving her immortality, Jesus is giving her the chance to redeem herself before the end of days comes, the thing is that one has to ask for forgiveness first, which is what differences Saint Peter from Judas Iscariot: the latter hanged himself after betraying Jesus, while the former lived long enough to ask Him for forgiveness of his failings and continue His work as the first Pope.
  • Mizore cutting herself when making Touta lunch in chapter 100 probably improved the flavor for him since, as a vampire, blood would taste delicious to him (even in trace amounts that the others couldn't pick up on).