Tear Jerker / UQ Holder!

Tearjerker moments from UQ Holder!:

Chapter 1

  • How does the series start? a symbolic shot of Evangeline walking through her life, eventually leaving everyone from the previous series behind, even Chachazero.
    • It's also a bit of a Tear Jerker on a meta level, due to the implication that most of the Negima cast is dead. If you were fan of the previous series, it's a punch in the gut to realize that a lot of the characters you grew so attached to aren't around anymore.
      • It also gets even worse when one remembers that Negima also shares a continuity with Love Hina and A.I. Love You, and that the characters from those manga are also dead and long gone. Essentially you come to realize that, pretty much everyone you've come to know and love are dead, and that the only thing left here are their memories.
  • Touta Konoe is later seen praying at the graves of his parents. Their gravestones are positioned on either side of Touta's grandfather's grave, Negi Springfield.

Chapter 41

  • How does the reunion between Fate and Eva goes ? Not good, they start fighting seriously like in early Negima. It seems Fate bears great hatred towards Eva now.

Chapter 42

Chapter 60

  • Sayoko saying goodbye to Santa. Despite all the problems she caused, it's clear that she did everything because she thought it would make him happy.

Chapter 72

  • Touta's dream after nearly being killed. It has him losing everyone he cared about because he was only a substitute or never even human. Even waking up left him depressed.

Chapter 83

  • Past Evangeline/Yukihime crying in her sleep. We see flashbacks of her early life including her mother (who looked a lot like her adult Yukihime form, incidentally), her being changed and running off. Then her coming back to see the castle and town she lived in engulfed in flames and everyone apparently dead. We then see her wandering the earth and how truly alone she was for much of the time (up until Dana abducted and trained her anyways).

Chapter 92

  • We always knew that Eva's past sucked, but that look really speaks volumes about how much it did.

Chapter 114

  • Fate Averruncus actually cries when explaining to Touta that Negi's consciousness is on the verge of being overtaken by the Lifemaker. Regardless if he fully comprehends it, it's very clear how attached he became to Negi.