Heartwarming / UQ Holder!

Heartwarming moments for UQ Holder!.

Eva Moments

  • As the decades pass, Evangeline gets lonely and tired of life, which is symbolized by the light panels getting darker with every new panel. But as she keeps moving forward, she sees a light and new people, like Touta, waiting for her.
  • As it can be seen in a short flashback, after Yukihime becomes his guardian, Touta runs away at first and keeps his distance from her, but in the next two years they start to bond and really care for each other.
  • Yukihime was really happy when Touta gave her a present for the first time. She was able to overcome a high ranked binding spell because of her wish to protect Touta.
  • This little scene shows how much Touta cares about Yukihime. Him saying that being immortal isn't that bad because of her sounds a lot like something Negi said to the Eva-scroll:
    Touta: I am glad that you're immortal.
    Yukihime: Eh?
    Touta: Knowing that you were alive... was a huge relief. It made me happy. I may have made friends in these two years, but you're the only one I can call family. Besides... If I'm together with you, living an eternal life doesn't seem that bad.
  • Eva's introductory spiel is mostly depressing, but has a bit of Fridge Heartwarming to it: even though she's currently bitter about the fact that she outlived all of her classmates from Mahora, the fact that she bonded enough with them to feel sad about losing them shows, that she really did consider them friends, which is a marked improvement from Negima! where she basically didn't have any friends apart from Chachazero.
  • Crosses with Fridge Brilliance: Eva's becoming a teacher may have been in honour of Negi, and the time of her life where things progressively got better.

Touta Moments
  • Touta's reason for running away in the 67th chapter is simple. He feels he isn't strong enough to help Yukihime after all the help she gave him. That's all he wanted to do.
    • Later he makes it his goal in life for her to acknowledge him.
  • He forces his way into a window to the past to help Eva in chapter 93, despite Danna telling him that in a few hundred years she'll meet Nagi, Negi and Class 3-A and her life will get better.
    Touta: I don't care!! I don't care what happened a hundred years later! She want's help right now!!
    • Recognizing him causes her features to soften instantly. Not to mention what she says as the ground around them crumbles:

  • Santa and Sayoko. They were each other's first friends and loved each other. Even after her death, many characters comment on the love and care Sayoko put into Santa's creation.
  • Afro only wants to win the Tournament to make his friend Ray's life better and have his work recognized.
  • After Touta gets curbstomped by his sister, Kirie, Santa, and Kuro stay by his side for three days to help him recover.
  • When we see who can only be Setsuna and Konoka's grandchildren, who look EXACTLY LIKE THEM, saying they can't wait to meet the grandson of the teacher their grandmother said took such good care of her.
  • Chapter 112: Yukihime bringing Touta to meet some of her old classmates in room 3-A, all of whom are happy to see her again. Ayaka also tells Touta that, despite looking and acting nothing like Negi and being an Artificial Human, he's definitely Negi's grandson.
  • Kirie's love confession to Touta.
  • A but of a late one for Negima, but Negi managed to save his father, who married Eva, and marry Chisame who he loved. In other words, he got a happy ending.