Headscratchers / UQ Holder!

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    Setsuna's gender 

  • UQ Holder! revealed that those of the yatagarasu tribe have no gender until their sixteenth birthday. Does that mean that Setsuna was the same and chose to be male to truly marry Konoka and have a child?
    • Setsuna is referred as something other than Kuroumaru's specific tribe, she's also a halfbreed and an albino at that, it is likely that this trait does not apply to her. Also in the ending she's shown as retaining the same body type into adulthood, which is something the yatagarasu tribe cannot do as they have to pick a sex. I would say that it's wishful thinking in the matter, but not true.
    • Setsuna's tribe is referred to as the Karasu-tengu, more or less, it's a different clan than Kuromaru's despite being related.
    • To draw a comparison with Touhou, Setsuna would be Aya and Kuromaru would be Okuu.

     Kirie's immortality... 
  • So Kirie's immortality is essentially going back to one of her "save points" at the moment of her death. Does this mean that, technically, setting aside her effective age from living over the same time periods over who knows how many times, that she will have a normal human lifespan?
    • Technically yes, but in practice probably not. Presumably, once she dies of old age for the first time (or just once she gets old enough that she decides it's annoying), she'll shop around to find a form of immortality that gives her eternal youth. She could even test out every one until she finds one with minimal side effects.