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Awesome: UQ Holder
Awesome moments for UQ Holder.

Chapter 1
  • Touta actually throwing two attacks that, while they failed, were unnoticed by Yukihime, who arguably could be considered the strongest character in Negima.

Chapter 4
  • Touta again, letting Kuromaru cut off his head, but moving his arm to put it right back and give Touta an opening to defeat him.

Chapter 24
  • We see Negi again, kicking tons of ass

Chapter 26
  • How do you get rid of an immortal you can't harm? Well if you are Nagumo you just dump her on the Moon.

Chapter 28
  • The seniors of the UQ Holder crew pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment worthy of any badass.

Chapter 41
  • Fate Averruncus vs. Evangeline. Two of the most powerful characters from Negima finally throw down. The result of the battle is inconclusive, but still.
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