Awesome / UQ Holder!

Awesome moments for UQ Holder!.

Chapter 1
  • Touta actually throwing two attacks that, while they failed, were unnoticed by Yukihime, who arguably could be considered the strongest character in Negima.

Chapter 4
  • Touta again, letting Kuromaru cut off his head, but moving his arm to put it right back and give Touta an opening to defeat him.

Chapter 24
  • We see Negi again, kicking tons of ass

Chapter 26
  • How do you get rid of an immortal you can't harm? Well if you are Nagumo you just dump her on the Moon.

Chapter 28
  • The seniors of the UQ Holder crew pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment worthy of any badass.

Chapter 41
  • Fate Averruncus vs. Evangeline. Two of the most powerful characters from Negima finally throw down. The result of the battle is inconclusive, but still.

Chapter 47
  • Santa managed to take on three Numbers and come out on top. Credit where it's due.

Chapter 57
  • Karin had been dumped 1000m underground, presumably into solid rock. She managed to return to the surface unassisted.
  • Santa managed to lift a number of double-decker buses and the an entire cruse-liner up to protect the students on the bridge from the zombies.

Chapter 64
  • In a tournament very similar to the Magic World one of the previous series, it's revealed in a video that the winners of the 2015 Mahora Academy Martial Arts tournament are Ku Fei and Yue Ayase.

Chapter 84
  • Touta manages for the first time to properly use Magia Erebia and Magic Cancel together to absorb and redirect Dana's attack and blow her away with a single blow, temporarily rendering Kitty speechless.

Chapter 90
  • Touta defeats a high power lightning demon using Negi's lightning form. Even better since this demon is implied to be the same that Jack Rakan once fought during his time as a mercenary.

Chapter 127
  • Negi Springfield, fused with the Mage of the Beginning, has just been introduced as, quote, "literally the strongest entity in the entire solar system". The end boss. A foe unimaginably stronger than Fate and Evangeline. Not only that, but this foe is also the heroic grandfather figure idolised by Touta. But when Negi embraces Evangeline and asks her to join him... Touta steps in and shoves him away from Eva with a palm to the face. "Hey, gramps. Don't get all touchy-feely with my woman, all right?"

Chapter 129
  • A meta one, but the first page is Chachamaru and Evangeline A. K. McDowell, as they were way back at the beginning, with Negi caught in the middle of an incident with his infamous sneezes. If this sounds like Mahou Sensei Negima!, even the subtitle says it... Ken Akamatsu did it again! He faked out his publishers TWICE! UQ Holder is OFFICIALLY the sequel to Negima!

Chapter 130

  • As far as villains go, you have to give Sayoko credit. She took Karin out first by burying her underground, Kirie next by infecting her, Kuromaru afterwards by using Kirie and then turning him when he was in a position to deal with Touta. After that she took out Ikkuu and managed to infect the world, requiring a reset and restart.
  • Isana and Honoka spend the majority of their introductory chapters (112, 113) working Touta over with magical skills that their predecessors had near the end of the series.
  • The opening theme is announced in a cast introduction trailer... The new ending is a new composition entirely, but the opening theme... ハッピー☆マテリアル (Happy☆Material) in it's ELEVENTH version. note 
    • The OAD throws another curveball... The OAD's ending theme is "To The Shining You" (輝く君へ Kagayaku Kimi e)... The original ending theme for the original series.
  • With the anime, it adapts Chapter 1... and part of Chapter 129, with the sneeze incident recreated, rather than late in the series... IN THE VERY FIRST MINUTE.
  • The fact that we are getting a new anime at all for the franchise can be one if you think about it: Mahou Sensei Negima never had the chance to be properly animated since the first anime only adapted the first chapters up until the Kyoto Arc, where the first foundations of the Genre Shift were laid, before it hit a Gecko Ending; on the other hand, the second anime was an alternative universe that took some elements of the manga while being Denser and Wackier than the original; finally, the few OVAs that did adapted the Magical World Arc stopped short before they could properly wrap up the story.