Funny / UQ Holder!

Funny moments from UQ Holder!:

Chapter 1

  • While the first chapter is mostly serious, the tail end has Touta telling Yukihime about how it's his dream to climb the "Tower" in the capital, complete with dramatic closeups and art that implies this ascent to be some sort of Series Goal. Yukihime's response?
    Yukihime: You mean the Japanese Orbital Elevator? If you pay for it, you could ride immediately. It's very reasonably priced at 400,000 yen.
    Touta: That's expensive! And also not the dream!
  • Also in the first chapter, we have this gem from Yukihime:
    Yukihime: When you think about it, we're the real winners here. We get to grow watermelons. And watermelons are great.

Chapter 2

  • Touta has his first Who Wants to Live Forever? moment, and it's triggered by several increasingly trivial realizations. The thing that finally sends him over the edge screaming about how immortality can suck it? When he learns that he'll never go bald.
  • Touta flubbing Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" because his voice is still too pitchy and underdeveloped. The reaction of Yukihime has her being blown away by the flub too! What makes it even better is that his first note is spot on, making everyone think that he's a great singer until he actually launches into the song. Then it turns out that the reason why growing up is so necessary for the big dream is because part of it involves singing back-up at the Solar Olympics, and he wants to sing the way Louis Armstrong does.
  • Touta's rather mundane dream which involves growing old and drinking in a bar Rat Pack Style. Then Yukihimes reaction to said dream.
    Yukihime: I get it, after two years I finally get it... you're an idiot.

Chapter 4

  • When Kuroumaru is unconscious, Touta tries to pull down his pants to see if he's really a boy.

Chapter 5

  • The reveal that Touta actually forced Kuromaru to sign a "friendship contract", just to be sure about the whole "defeat means friendship" thing.
  • Touta's Hot Spring Theory:
    Touta: When two or more men are at a hot spring, they're obligated to try to peek at the girl's bath! But with Yukihime in there, we'll be flirting with death!
  • The result of the above? Yukihime bursts in to their side of the bath and tells them in Large Ham fashion that if they can steal her towel, she'll let them peep on her. Then she busts out one of her ancient spells...

Chapter 6
  • Touta manages to get the towel off, and just before Eva agrees to show them, he goes, "I'm not interested in old Granny's body." Needless to say, Eva didn't take it well.
    Touta: Your toe is gonna pluck my eye out!

Chapter 9
  • Kuroumaru tells Touta to be careful about trusting Jinbei, and that Touta is the gullible sort of person who falls for money scams. Once they find out how old Jinbei is though, Kuroumaru is overcome with emotion and starts hero-worshiping him.
    Touta: If I'm the type that falls for scams, you're the type that gets dragged into weird cults, huh?

Chapter 10
  • Jinbei takes Touta and Kuromaru to a Sword In The Stone that nobody has proven able to pull out. Naturally, Touta is able to do it easily... Because he was apparently the first to notice a dial on the sword that changes its weight.

Chapter 15
  • Touta vs. Kuromaru in an arm-wrestling match... and all the orphans in the crowd cheering for Touta to lose.
    • Turns out the wrestling was for kitchen duty, and Touta is a really good cook. So when Touta loses, everyone else wins.

Chapter 16
  • Touta Trains in Instant movement buying eating his meals and playing cats cradle only using his feet, and one of the orphans tries doing the same thing as he does.

Chapter 30
  • Karin's text message to Touta:
    Touta: Everyone's fine here. Where are you?
    Karin: The Moon
    Touta: The Moon?! Seriously?!
    Karin: Seriously.
  • Evangeline shows up in her ten-year-old form, confusing Touta. Then she transforms back into her considerably more buxom Yukihime form... prompting Touta to complain about how she looks like a pervert without her pants.
    Evangeline: What is it, you troublesome boy? Make it clear: do you prefer boing or no boing?

Chapter 42
  • The four members of the group that captured Fate get one question each to ask. Karin asks who loved Negi more; him or Yukihime.
    • The kicker? She says this just as seriously as the others when they ask their questions. She even claims it's the most important question!

Chapter 45
  • While the supposed serial killer is tracking UQ Holder, he realizes that Touta is about to break into his hideout. Turns out that they're now room mates.

Chapter 46
  • Touta interrupts the serial killer before he does more than knock out a group of magic-wielding thugs. Then Ikku asks what they should do with the thugs.
    Touta: Kick 'em!
    Ikku: Eh?
    Touta: I mean... call the police! And an ambulance for the old man!

Chapter 47

Chapter 48
  • Touta and Santa start bonding over Video games only a page after Santa tries to get Touta and Kuromaru out of his room. Apparently, Santa makes his living off of Let's Plays and video game tutorials.

Chapter 60

Chapter 68

Chapter 69
  • Touta has a sparring match with Laszlo. Laszlo's Funny Afro becomes a casualty.
    Laszlo: Now I look like a hairy Pacman!
    • The next page shows him fixing the hole in his hair with duct tape.

Chapter 73

Chapter 77
  • Akamatsu pretty much confirms he has an expansion fetish that was shown in both Love Hina and Negima, as he has Yukihime go through some Breast Expansion, twice, and then adds on butt expansion and some general plumpness as well, thoroughly freaking out her and Touta, while Fate finds her fertility idol-shaped body fascinating. Sadly the extra growth after the Breast Expansion is not seen.

Chapter 78

Chapter 79
  • Dana takes Training from Hell to a new level. Her method of forcing the immortals to improve their regeneration times is to repeatedly kill them. Even Santa, who is already dead, isn't immune — Dana exorcises him, and he nearly ascends to heaven, complete with little cherubs escorting him. What's worse, Touta is singled out because he kept calling Dana "Oba-san". While Kuromaru and Santa "only" died 26 and 28 times, Touta died 196 times.

Chapter 84
  • Eva uses Gelidus Capulus on Touta to see how he obliterated Dana with a big innocent smile on her face, leaving him frozen in a block of ice with Blank White Eyes.
  • When Dana comes back she's pissed off and in One-Winged Angel mode. Touta does the Negima Running Gag of referring to her as a last boss (and Eva has no idea what he's talking about). She lunges at them with a mighty roar and... she hands Touta a diploma for completing the first stage of her training.
  • As it turns out, Touta set Evangeline on her fascination/obsession with Nagi and Negi.

Chapter 88
  • Touta attempts to run across 50 km of ocean while Kirie flies her broomstick. He ends up failing, and they remedy the situation by tying a rope around his midsection and dragging him behind her. It works for about five minutes before a whale eats him.

Chapter 90
  • In order to properly use Magia Ebera, Touta has to fight while spinning hula hoops around his waist.

Chapter 95
  • Everyone's grades on Touta's fight against Dana
    Ray (Nice Guy): 8
    Laszlo (Couldn't Care Less): 5
    Santa (Particular About Scoring): 4
    Kuroumaru (A Fan): 10
    Kirie: 2 (Could be better)

Chapter 96
  • Touta comes back to UQ Holder and decides to confess how he feels towards Yukihime in spite of everything he learned about her past and the fact that she might not even remember him... except the way he blurts it out sounds very much like a love confession, going even as far as a marriage proposal. One That Came Out Wrong after another.
    Touta: I LOVE YOU! [The "Love you!" echoes throughout the headquarters and even reaches Karin, who is none too happy about it]

Chapter 97
  • Shinobu's arrival at Fairyland Hall. Especially since it's a Shout-Out to Keitaro's (and Ema's) arrival at the Hinata House in Love Hina.

Chapter 98

Chapter 100

Chapter 108
  • While under the effects of a truth serum, Touta runs around the resort declaring his love for every single person he comes across...except Mizore.
    Mizore: Touta!! How do you feel about me? I'd be willing to listen to what you have to say.
    Touta: You're tiny <3
  • Yukihime has a pocket dimension set up to look like a school and makes Touta and Karin Stand in the Hall carrying three buckets of water each and a signs that says "I snitched snacks".

Chapter 111
  • Touta standing on a railing... next to a sign that specifically says not to do so.

Chapter 112

Chapter 117
  • Touta is plowing through the same guys who stomped him eight months ago in the underground tournament so fast that the audience is accusing them of rigging the matches and boo-ing him.
  • Touta and Kirie explain their Time Stands Still power to the rest of the group. So they decided to test it... by each kissing Kirie to see if it works for them, too.

Chapter 118
  • Zazie explaining that Touta and Kirie need a healer and spellcaster to round out their party is accompanied by a picture of Touta casting an "Awesome Seal" on a rock and Kirie using an "Awesome Recovery Potion" on Negi.

Chapter 119
  • The explanation for why people race in skimpy swimsuits without protective gear (while some muscular guy is posing in the background):
    Kirie: H-hey, why are we racing in these skimpy swimsuits?! It's embarrassing! And isn't it dangerous?!
    Mizore: However can you say that? Now that we have magically-ennhanced safety systems, the latest trend is to see how dangerous we can make it visually! And if they come off, the audience will love it and boost the event's popularity, so the sponsors are all for it!
    Kirie: Come off?! Wait, I never heard about this?! What do you mean, "come off"?!