Fridge / The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
aka: The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron

Fridge Brilliance
  • James Issac Neutron is named after Sir Isaac Newton; go figure.
    • A more subtle one: Jimmy's name also comes from Sir James Chadwick, who discovered neutron atoms.
  • Why does the Cop-Bot from "The Tomorrow Boys" love Graystar? Because he comes from a future where Libby rules the world, and Graystar is Libby's favorite band.
  • At the end of "Stranded," Jimmy arguing with Cindy that Australia isn't a continent isn't a case of Critical Research Failure. Jimmy's just using it as an excuse to argue with Cindy, as this seems to be their (at least public) version of flirting. Remember the relationship between Calvin and Susie? It's the same thing here.
  • In "Beach Party Mummy", one gag involves Sheen saying "great" for one day straight. Considering that you might have eventually thought at one point, "Wait, why are they stalling that long when they know they have a class going on and they'll get caught?", it may seem like an absurd (yet just as, if not all the more, funny) gag that works due to Rule of Funny...but remember that earlier, the class begins to watch a 97-hour video on the history of mummies. While possibly a coincidence, perhaps the video being comically long was written in the script just for the gag later in the episode.
    • Perhaps adding to the gag and making it funnier, the entire class (including Ms. Fowl) fell asleep to the video and are shown sleeping even after the group comes back—suggesting that they were so bored that they slept through the documentary for two days straight.
  • Why would the pizza at the end of "Sleepless in Retroville" be afraid of children and see them as scary bogeymen? Well, when you consider what children usually do to pizza, he's certainly not unjustified...

Fridge Horror
  • In Sorry, Wrong Era, Hugh borrows Jimmy's latest invention—a remote-control that fast-forwards and rewinds real life. He uses it for some humorous and harmless things at first, but later Judy sees an angry mob bringing him home, and one woman claims that "He made me experience the miracle of birth...again and again and again!" Which means that Hugh watched a woman give birth to her child, then rewind it so it was pushed back in, then she pushed it out again, and this went on for some time... and earlier it was established that you feel everything happening when you're "rewound."
    • Also from Sorry, Wrong Era, Sheen gets carried off by a pterodactyl. Jimmy's answer to the problem is to go find his Rewind Machine so he can use it to save Sheen and send themselves back home. Sheen ends up adopted by the creatures, but if he hadn't, Jimmy would have rewound Sheen through getting torn apart and eaten alive.
  • In the special "Win, Lose, or Kaboom", the cast are forced to participate in a Game Show in which all teams but the winner get their home planet destroyed. At first, things aren't looking so well for Earth's team, and the host warns Jimmy that teams who lose the first two events (of four) in a row get their home planet destroyed 99.99% of the time. The only way the host could know that exact number would be if the game had been played at least 10,000 times... meaning that at least 30,000 planets with civilization have been destroyed.
    • That said, the host may have been going for additional drama... which itself is Fridge Horror, since it means not only is he the one holding this game, he's manipulating the outcome to serve his own ratings. That's right, a nigh-unto-omnipotent being is tormenting people for ratings before killing off their entire home planet.
  • "Lady Sings The News" was the last episode of this show. It ends with Carl still stuck in the stockade. He never escapes, and his scapula still hurts. On a lesser note, one can assume that Corky has been pelted. But hey, Jimmy and Cindy finally get together at the last minute, so at least their shippers will be happy.
    • Well it technically wasn't the last episode , "El Magnifico/Best in Show" and "King of Mars" both aired after it.
    • "The League of Villains" was supposed to be the last episode but got aired too early by mistake. The only episodes that chronologically take place after "League of Villains" are "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2" and "3".
  • Several fans have observed a rather peculiar detail on Cindy's life revealed by the Word of God, namely that she was born on 5 June in Las Vegas, Nevada. Considering that the show takes place in Retroville, Texas, and that Mr. and Mrs. Vortex seem to share no visible features with their daughter, some have assumed that she is in fact adopted rather than their biological child. Also, the city in question being one of a rather infamous reputation for its night life, one would be justified in questioning the circumstances of Cindy's conception.

Fridge Logic
  • In the episode "Stranded," Jimmy is supposed to be one of the smartest of his time and he doesnt even know that Australia is a continent. He and Cindy should have both known that is a country and a continent.
    • To be fair, Jimmy could have made a mistake and then kept it going, betting that Cindy would eventually give up.

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