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Fridge Brilliance
  • In Darths & Droids Qui-Gon Jinn is played by Jim. Qui-Gon/Jim. Also, Obi-Wan is played by Ben, and Anakin by Annie.
  • Thinking about both this and DM of the Rings, it's clear that while the latter is the result of a railroading GM trying to assume total control of the campaign, Darths & Droids is the result of a GM who just rolls with all the craziness that comes up and makes it work within his plans. If you think about it, this is perfectly in line with the settings' canonical villains. Sauron has his plan that depends on the enemy doing what he thinks they should—use the ring against him; it's thwarted when events transpire as he didn't expect, i.e., when it goes off the rails. Palpatine, however, is a master of Xanatos Speed Chess, and like that comic's GM, he just takes whatever happens in stride and makes it work for him instead of trying to stick to one plan.
  • Before they started Episode 4, apparently they played Dark Forces, which is set right before Episode 4.
    • This has been retconned to Rogue One with some Dark Forces character names being used in place of the film names to be consistent with the previous dialog.
  • Regardless of Ben's current status (med school, out of town, dead, et cet...) Obi-Wan's absence at the beginning of Episode 4 is quite necessary for the GM to keep the game balanced. Jim & Annie are both on new characters, Corey is completely new to the entire game, and Sally doesn't level up much since 3PO does almost nothing. Obi-Wan, on the other hand, is vastly overleveled. (So is R2, but Pete's saved by the fact that he has nothing but mechanical skills.) Obi-Wan's death later will illustrate that further; after all, once he appears in A New Hope, Obi-Wan is far too powerful for anyone but Vader to even pose a threat. This is also why Vader seems invincible. Except for Pete, his character has been in the game longest, and has probably levelled up a ton of times by now.
  • In episode 706, at first the joke and the blurb looks like it's a decent joke on reverse psychology. But why would the GM would allow it to affect the in game characters, since it looks like a pretty basic manipulation of the new guy. Due to the wording that the GM used for the restraining bolt, it's completely plausible that Pete's character would ask for the bolt to never be removed. It makes complete sense for R2 to have said that, given the bolt's effect on him. Well played on Pete's part.
  • "Adam Lars" (Luke Amidala) has Survival: Snow, Forest, Desert, and Swamp. Obviously anyone who has seen the movies knows that, he will be visiting a snow planet (Hoth), a swamp planet (Dagobah), a forest moon (the Forest Moon of Endor), and obviously he's on a desert planet (Tatooine). But even more so, is that on Hoth, he'll almost freeze to death, he'll have to live in a swamp for a bit, and he will be fighting a huge battle in a giant forest. Talk about epic foreshadowing. Even more so, making Owen and Beru Crazy Survivalists explains WHY Luke would have those skills.
  • Sally. When she was first introduced she was just a Tagalong Kid. Ben brought her for no other reason than because their parents couldn't find a sitter. The group included her in the game so she wouldn't be bored. Despite some friction between big brother Ben and sometimes with the GM, she was welcomed warmly and accepted in the group without much hassle. Then comes the A New Hope campaign. Ben has been gone for two years, yet Sally is still coming to the games on her own. Most would call this a foregone conclusion since Sally's a main character, but it also demonstrates that Sally has gone from the kid they couldn't leave behind to one of the True Companions. This also justifies the introduction of Corey, who has essentially taken Sally's old role of the group kid.
  • While the movie series is an obvious choice for an epic game, it's actually better suited than many people could realise. The four movies written by Lucas have a lot of battles or fight scenes that could easily be random encounters since they could easily be cut out without losing anything in the plot, like Han and Luke shooting down the Tie Fighters that come after them when they escape the Death Star. The Star Wars movies are probably the best setting for a DM of the Rings inspired webcomic.
  • General Grevious taunts Obi Wan in their duel by saying "I see your future, Divorced from your flesh, your moth-robes fall empty" Now remember how Obi Wan vs Darth Vader went down.
  • Why did it take twenty years to build the first Death Star but much less to get the second one half-finished? Vader was killing the workers but now vows to only half-choke them.
  • At first it may seem that Jim just got tired of doing the accent for Greedo / Han. Except he drops it the moment he kills the "original" Solo. Implying that it was an act on the part of Greedo. It makes one wonder how many people Jim's character has killed and replaced in his apparently long back story.
    • Apparently, seven before Han, if his comment that his backstory goes all the way back to "Alberto" is any indication (Alberto...Freddo, Greedo, Han).
  • By the time they reach the A New Hope section, much of the group is exploring classic archetypes especially Annie who embraces the Damsel in Distress role with Princess Leia and lets Corey play classic dashing hero for dramatic purposes rather than complaining about how backwards it is in the modern era. Given how long running and unorthodox the game has been to this point, it makes sense from an in-story perspective that they might want to wheel back around to the classic tropes. But out of story this also works as an mythology gag for Star Wars status as a reconstruction of classic tropes at a time when films tended to be cynical.
  • The revelation that Wedge is a Shapeshifter. For A New Hope, Denis Lawson (who portrayed Wedge during the actual battle and in both sequels) was not present for the briefing scene, so another actor was used as a stand-in and delivered the "That's impossible, even for a computer!" line. So Wedge's appearance really did change in the film!
  • From this intermission strip it mentions that by not using the computer, Luke would get the experience points for destroying the Peace Moon and everyone caught in the explosion. While the strip wasn't used, Luke getting those experience points would explain how he went from a rookie with barely any knowledge of the Force to a full Jedi knight in such a short amount of time with little mentoring.
  • In strip 840, when Vader and Obi-wan are fighting, Vader doesn't use gendered pronouns when talking about "the only person I loved," while Ben does. Ben (and the audience) still thinks he's talking to Anakin, while Vader (read:Padme) is talking about Anakin, who Obi-wan was responsible for killing.
  • It seems a bit odd that Darth Vader knows Leia's name since Anakin wasn't there when Luke and Leia were born. Fridge Brilliance when you learn that Darth Vader is actually Padme.
  • Jim's character during episodes IV to VI appears to be a serial identity thief, who started after killing a serial identity thief named Alberto. Since then, all of his aliases have been going in alphabetical order, starting with Alberto, going to Freddo and eventually Greedo and Han Solo. No surprise when he proposes Iago and Jafar as aliases when arriving on Cloud City.
  • Strip 1304 reveals that Han was exonerated after betraying the rebellion, thanks to Chewbacca's testimony. In other words? The Chewbacca Defense.
  • When asked about Qui-Gon's beard, Jim refuses to let Ben see his character sheet. But, if the reader assumes Jim is actually playing Qui-Gon as evil, suddenly some of his actions (wanting to commit "aggressive negotiations" all the time) make slightly more sense.
  • Sally's childish ideas on Naboo create a planet that makes little sense to the GM, but he rolls with it. Later, Jim reveals a geophysics degree, allowing him to logically explain the planet's structure- though it now requires a moon. During this session, the moon blows up to specifically mess with the new geophysics that the planet works on. The replacement to return Naboo's structure to normal, the Peace Moon, becomes the focal Macguffin of the next few adventures, as much as, if not more than, the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria that powers it. In short, the plot of the entire comic happened because Sally took 'conventional planet design' and threw it out the window.

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